“Superman wears Aliy Zirkle pyjamas.” Someone wrote that on Facebook a few days ago and I think it is fitting.

I believe, if she could, Aliy would wear Scout, Chemo, Chipper, Clyde, Commando, Dutch, Felix, Izzy, Kodiak, Mac, Mismo, Sandy, Schmoe, Scruggs, Waylon and Willie pyjamas!

I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are right now.

Now that the team is nearing Safety we will soon head down to the dog yard to set up the kennels with straw and blankets, thaw out some salmon and prepare dinner for the dogs. Then we wait, we circle, we pace and we wait some more at finish line to greet our heroes under the burled arch. We expect the reception will be HUGE and somewhat overwhelming for her after days and days of being out there with just her team to focus on.

We will take some time to get her and the team situated and I will get something to you as soon as possible. In the meantime I will leave you in the very capable hands of Macgellan to see them over the line. There is sure to be a Iditarod Live feed and some pictures on the Iditarod website so keep an eye on that also.

The normal series of events once they cross the line is we take the team down to the dog lot, just a couple hundred yards away, where they get a thorough veterinary examination then we give them a tasty meal, a rub down and warm coats and blankets to sleep in straw stuffed kennels. We take a change of clothes and some food for Aliy and get her home as quickly as possible to sleep.

Thanks for coming on this ride with us! More soon…

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  • What a ride this has been! We are so proud of Aliy and her remarkable team. We love them all. It's impossible to explain to people how much it means to us to be a supporter of SP Kennel. They are the BEST!
    Ann and Tom

  • thank you, Moira & the rest of the SP Kennel support team, for bringing us along on Aliy's journey! it's been an amazing ride, kind of like I imagine the Happy River Steps. soon I'll be able to focus solely on Allen & the amazing Black Team! bring it home, SPK!!

  • Just checked the tracker and see they are out of Safety! Going to stay glued to the tracker and plan my lunch so that I can watch the live feed of them coming in. So proud of both teams! Congrats on an awesome race with some harrowing circumstances. Along with the SPK team, us fans are all so, so proud of you and proud to be supporters of such an awesome team! Enjoy the last few miles of the race and then some well deserved rest. I will be sending big hugs through the live feed to all of you.

  • Oh Aily, your fans are so proud of you! Finishing in 3rd place with 13 happy teammates makes us all so honored to be your fans. You've been understandably elusive with the media the past few days, but I hope to see you smiling again soon. Thank you for demonstrating so well to never give up.


  • Yeah, Aliy zooms through Safety and her average speed shows to be faster than Wades! Now, @ the end of the race her dogs can "speed" again as she is able to see and respond to their needs first and best of all! Because of this connection we love her and her dogs!! It shows! Super !
    From Ingabritt

  • Happy tears of joy! So proud of the whole team, and crew, both human and canine! This is the true spirit of the race. Overcoming adversity and mushing along with the best and most beautiful teams. SP Kennel is a true and dog first kennel. No gimmicks, so pure and strong. We love you! πŸ™‚

  • It sounds about right.
    Perhaps Superman, Bat Man, and the incredible hulk do too.

    Spiderman wears Aliy pajamas for sure.

    Have fun at the arch. Give us a wave.

    Not much of a crowd for the first two. We're expecting one near 9:30 though.

    Go Aliy and your Super Hero PUPS

  • I am so excited! Am glued to my computer to see one of my favorite mushers come in. The other favorite is Allen.

    Go like the wind, Aliy, and then you and your teammates rest, rest, rest! Race well run. You're a real winner, a real champion!

    And thanks again to the entire SPK crew who have done a super-outstanding job of keeping us Red and Black Team fans updated, through the good times and the bad. You're the greatest!

  • I would wear that shirt! SOOOOO PROUD OF THIS TEAM! Yes, I was shouting. This has been an amazing race to watch. Wish I was in Nome, but I'm patiently waiting to see the dropped dogs instead. GO ALIY GO

  • YAHOO…through Safety with 13 Happy SPK Sled Dogs!!! Come on pups….bring her on home to Nome!!

    Elizabeth and I will be watching from the Adirondacks….looking forward to seeing all the smiling SPK faces…2 legged and 4 legged! No doubt we will shed tears of joy as we stand in front of the TV jumping up and down as they head towards the burled arch in Nome!

    See you all at the finish line!!!

  • Thank you for following Aliy's example of being positive and focusing on what is wanted and appreciated in your race coverage. It is very refreshing and inspires me to want to continue following the news of your kennel. I'm relatively new to the Iditarod, but have watched for a couple of years because I love to see the harmony in relationships between people and animals. Thanks again for highlighting these wonderful dogs and people and all they do to make this planet a wonderful place to share.

  • So glad they are reaching the end. Tired musher, tired dogs but all happy to have been on the trail. With the drama in the past, I'm hoping all are doing well.

  • Kick it, Aliy! Then get some food and sleep. No arm wrestling this year, OK?

    Laine Family

  • It's a happy/sad time. Sad to see it come to an end, but happy that Aliy and the dogs will be in Nome and be finished. Earlier I said that there is much for Aliy to be proud of in this race. I will change that to Aliy should be proud of everything about this race and how she ran it. I'm waiting and watching at my desk (and not paying that much attention to work).

  • This has been a wild ride. Thank you SPK crew (Moira) for keeping things positive for us, it helped send positive vibes out to Aliy. In some of her later videos on the insider, Aliy looked good and her attitude did as well.

    Aliy you are a strong and wonderful person, just think if the world had a lot more people like you, think of the possibilities!
    So very proud of you and the pups, you could never disappoint!!

    Get some well deserved rest and enjoy your time with your family and friends!!


  • I agree that Flight of the Valkyries would be fantastic theme song music for this amazing team of athletes. Thank you Aliy and pups for such a classy race, in spite of it all! Thank you SPK for such positive and thorough reporting. Like so many others I'm glued to both the tracker and your blog. Black team will be along soon and all will have completed a wonderful Iditarod! SPK makes me proud to be an Alaskan and dog mushing supporter!

  • Oh yes, yes and yes!!!! Aliy is the best and so are the beautiful, courageous athletes of the Red Team!
    Many congratulations to you champions! In my view, Aliy and the Red Team won the Iditarod!!!
    Much love!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️🐢🐢🐢🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • So amazed by your tremendous spirit and both Red, Black and the entire team behind you. So glad you are back in Nome and can rest somewhat and regroup. So anxious to see the video since the Iditarod Insider Livestream feed is out. Great teamwork, great kennel, THANK you so much for all the behind the scenes information.

    Love to you!

  • Aliy and team. Superb effort to come home to finish third after all you have endured this year. Just one absolute fantastic super effort.

  • Dear Aliy,
    Ever since I got the news in Los Angeles this morning that you and your team crossed the Iditarod finish line in Nome in 3rd place, I have emotionally been a roo roo rooing away all day. A few tears of absolute joy have been shed, too. You are truly amazing to have struggled, fought & conquered on so many levels all that you had to face and endure. And, you still came out shinning like a star. What an athlete. What a classy lady. What an amazing person you are.

    Thank you for being you. And, I love that smile. May the luck of the Irish be with you. πŸ€

  • What a great ride it has been. Fantastic finish,Aliy & 3 team mates(probably would have been14 if Clyde had not been injured). And all the dogs are super happy,which is a reflection of super musher Aliy. Thank you Moira & crew for keeping us so well informed.

  • Aliy you are an inspiration and great role model for women everywhere!!!!!
    So proud of you! !!!!

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