Meet the Mushers in the Nome Convention Centre on Saturday afternoon

The Little Girls Chipper and Sandy enjoy the sunshine

Finish line scenes; Moira posts the Dog Fan Club and sponsor postcards from Nome

Chris takes a team out on the sea ice

The Nome “State Forest”

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  • It looks like fun and I wish I was there. That is a beautiful picture of Chris and it looks like Sandy is still enjoying every moment. I look forward to getting my postcard.


  • I love how Aliy is so attentive with each child. She is so for real. How could you not love her! No wonder her 4 legged kids perform so well for her!

  • Aliy sure seems to have a wonderful way with the children! Wonderful photos!! Future mushers and mushing fans getting inspiration right there, right now!

  • The little girls Chipper and Sandy look so comfy. And the girls and boys hovered around Aliy are have the time of their life. Love the little boy with the autographs on his arms.

  • Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. Sweet girls Chipper & Sandy,keep resting up. Love how Aliy treats everyone as a special person. It is super great to see her beautiful smile again. Keep healing Aliy, we love you so much. Thanks Moira for your post card duties, will look forward to receiving my card from Nome. Enjoy the banquet.

  • One of these days I'm going to make it to a finish in Nome AND Whitehorse!! I've seen lots of both Fairbanks and Anchorage starts! Aliy and Allen you are both great people/children pleasers (especially Aliy – haha Allen). You're both so wonderful! From Ruth

  • Yea, Moira at the post office! I had been wondering and hoping about the post office drop off. Looking forward to the postcard with the cool Nome postmark. I appreciate that you share so many activities with us. What a thrill it must be to meet the mushers. Aliy puts her heart into it.

  • What a turnout, Aliy has her beautiful smile on and kids seem to be drawn to her like a magnet. Love the little boy with autographs on his arms, probably will not wash them off but wait till they wear off! Kids know when someone is approachable and interested in them and what they have to share, your expression comes shining through Aliy.

    Hope yesterday was an easy day with fans and banquet yet to come tonight. Nice to see the doggie faces and tidbits of their daily exercise too.

    We look forward to the highlights of the banquet and know you still have lots of work ahead of you getting back to Fairbanks. Hope getting packed up and getting back goes smoothly for you.

  • Great pictures of the kids with Aliy!! Its so nice the race holds these gatherings for Folks to meet all the Mushers they have been following thru the past few weeks!

    I do believe I see our boy Chemo with Chis….kind of hard to miss that dark patch on this butt and of course his white tail flying high!

    Glad to see you are all having FUN!! One last day in Nome and you will soon be HOME!

  • Great pictures! Thanks for the event; most fun to see the dogs resting in perfect conditions . For those of us who never went to Nome ( yet ) it is impressive to get a glimpse of this surrounding! Thank you so much , SPK team!!

  • Padee Fairbanks,
    Yippee a day of FUN! Ditto all of the above posts.. Thanks to all the folks that support SP Kennel. Great group of fans.
    looks like the little sisters are enjoying the sun. I hope Chipper decides to get in her crate soon so she can fly back to Anc. and get home to Fairbanks! Aaawwwooolll to all..
    Chipper sponsor and kennel friend.

  • Hi Chipper!!! And how's about those kids…. Aliy is an inspiration and she knows it. Motivating and encouraging each and every one of those youngsters that meet her, of that I have no doubt. What a wonderful role model she is.

  • Yes, ditto to all the positive and encouraging posts above!
    Lots of love!!!
    Thank you Moira for the pics.

  • In the history of the Iditarod, few mushers have finished in the top five for five years straight. I count only five.

    2016 Aliy Zirkle finished in the top five for the fifth year in a row.

    She joins the ranks of Emmitt Peters, Rich Swenson and Susan Butcher.

    Five years in a row demonstrates not only the elite quality of SP Kennel, their training and care, but also Aliy's amazing determination.


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