Pre-race preparation and packing the sleds

Aliy is interviewed by Emily Schwing from KNOM while awaiting the start

Panorama on the lake (Jennifer Moore-Smith)

Very important man with a very important job – attaching the GPS tracker to the sled! Red Team line-up

You can really see echoes of Quito in Sandy’s face here as she gets serious; Scout is pensive

Scruggs looking handsome; Dutch and Aliy share a moment, mid-booting, before they start

Commando is in the presence of greatness! Aliy with Kodiak and Waylon ready to leave

Off they go with Kodiak and Waylon in lead

Schmoe and Scruggs in swing

Chemo and Mismo

Commando and Chipper

Dutch and Izzy

Willie and Scout

Mac and Sandy

Clyde and Felix

We were treated to this view on the way home up the Parks Highway

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