After an eight hour break Aliy and 15 team mates are back on the trail, bang on time at 6.46pm, towards Nulato. They have now completed two of their three mandatory stops (see the two green ticks beside her name on the Current Standings)

We got a report from a friend in Galena checkpoint who spoke with Aliy soon after she arrived and she said that Aliy was really happy with how the team is looking and made particular mention of how well Mismo is doing – she’s really proud of him! Good boy Mismo! She was about to sit down to lunch then was going to get some sleep. She wanted her Mom to know she was feeling good and getting some rest!

When the mushers received their trail report prior to the race they were told about the variation to the “normal” trail from Galena to Nulato. Instead of continuing down the Yukon River they will go overland on the old portage trail for a while until they hit the Koyukuk River, then they get back onto the Yukon just before Nulato. There are open holes in the river ice on that section and it is safer for teams to get off the river for a while. I am not certain how much this adds much to the documented 37 miles but it certainly is a change from running the river. (Edit: Sebastian Schnuelle reported the leg was 55 miles – an extra 18 miles.)

The new route off the river between Galena and Nulato

Laura Wright, the Teacher on the Trail uploaded a video of the team coming in to Galena where they decided to check in via the road rather than the marked trail. To see it go to the Iditarod website home page, then click on the “Teacher on the Trail” bar on the left hand menu to get all her posts.


The Black Team has just pulled in to Ruby! I’m not sure of the official arrival time as the Standings have not been updated yet but the GPS tracker shows them in and resting. (Edit: Black Team arrival time to Ruby is 6.45pm)

Allen seems to have been running shorter runs today and his run/rest cycle looks very consistent. He will be taking into consideration the attitude of the youngsters and the weather, and making the best decision for the team. We’re hanging out to see a picture of the team and, as yet, we have no word on the team member he left in Cripple checkpoint. We are hoping to find out later this evening so will update you asap.

Many of you are asking about Aliy and Allen’s opinion of the “hauling dogs” strategy. I’m not really in a position to answer that on their behalf and perhaps we will ask that question once the are home. What I do know is they both always say they run dogs because they love running dogs. It may be seen as “old school” but it doesn’t seem to fit with their philosophy to haul them. Allen’s goal in this race is to have as many young dogs as possible run 1000 miles to see and experience the trail so it makes no sense for him to haul them and miss out on that experience. I’m sure there are many pros and cons to doing it and I’m sure those that do it, swear by it and those that don’t, swear by that also. Same as ski-poling vs pedalling with your feet, a sled with a caboose or one without etc. To each their own.

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  • Great Moira – have been on tracker continuously up to Aliy's re-launch, and eyeing Allan's progress.

    (He assisted very early on with a water accident – did he not?)

    Then waited a bit to go on SPK site for in-depth comments…

    The race is definitely "tightening up". Speed, Safety, Health!

  • Black team looking great, already in Ruby.
    I'm pretty sure Aliy is taking that reroute faster than Brent. That's very nice.
    I'm leaving for work,
    hoping I don't get stuck there for 16 hours. 🙁

    Enjoy your runs tonight Black and Red teams.
    You're looking awesome!!!!
    With sooooo many booties to change!!!!
    I'll check in as soon as I get home to find out which Black team member is resting.

  • Back home from AK and the Iditarod starts, Trying to catch up on the updates and am liking what I see and hear…. Thanks for the great updates Moira!!

    Go SPK Red and Black teams!!!!


  • Just rolled out of bed and of course the first thing I did was check this and the ID website! There are a couple of videos now on ID website of Aliy and one new Run Dogs Run -Finger Lake to Galena video that shows a lot of the Red Team. I have watched the RDR video at least five times. The dogs are beautiful! I renew my ID insider subscription almost immediately in July so I can watch Run dogs Run videos during the heat of Summer when it is upper 90s to low 100s here in central Oklahoma. The interview video is really good too.

    No matter what age you are, Mom always needs to know you are okay! Love that Aliy wanted to let her Mom know she was resting. Go SPK red & black. Your fans are supporting you all the way! Wish we had more videos of the black team, but the ID crew is focused on the leaders right now.

  • The Red Team is doing such and awesome job…they just pulled into Nulato a short time ago. Stick with what your doing Aliy….its all good!

    I saw a glimpse of the Black Team in the lastest edition to Run Dogs Run….it was a fleeting moment but they are in there….must have been taken earier in the race since I saw Chica on the Team. I miss seeing pictures of that Team. Guess the tracker will have to suffice!

    Wow…about 400 miles left to go…this has been an exciting race thus far!! There is a great video of Aliy serving up some food to the Team. Aliy was so upbeat in the clip….you can tell she is very happy with her Team!!!

  • I heard there is a new rule that mushers can not "speak harshly" about other mushers even after the race for a period of time…you folks and other kennels are doing a GREAT job with this…yet when I went to bring a kennel to the attention of the Iditarod com. I could not leave a message. It doesn't seem fair for this person to continue to put down other mushers and their choices. If you know how I can let them know please respond. I am sooo excited to see Aliy doing well ! Of course I think about last year when I patted several of those teammates and fed them treats in Ancorage! What an honor to be so close to those wonderful dogs! People need to remember …HOW old is Aily? And she is a woman…incredible!!! Look who is near her for mushers and compare body type and strength ,,,, what an amazing athlete she is!!!!!!!!

  • AH yes, I am happy to say I am not aware of this…a few Iditarods ago now (quite a few – pre-2011 maybe)I left a rather pointed remark and I am sure others did too about denigrating the "small dogs" on SP Kennel.

    Also there is some perhaps inbreeding at Iditarod too – two-legged version.

  • Awesome run / rest schedule Aliy and Allen. You both are awesome ANd the dogs are fantastic. Happy and healthy.

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