Linda picked up NOMEX last evening from Iditarod HQ. Linda said the fantastic team down there worked so hard to get through the large number of dogs waiting for their vet checks and release documentation. Allen left Nomex in Cripple with the vet team due to a sore right shoulder, but other than that Linda said he is full of energy and ate like a horse (note the empty dinner dish)!! He looks great and it seems like he will just need some rest (and maybe a massage and lots and lots of treats) to get back to 100%.

We’re excited that Nomex made it nearly 500 miles in his rookie year! He has a very bright future and he was one of the first dogs on Allen’s list to make the team this year.


The Red Team has pulled into Nulato checkpoint at 2.17am this morning, with a runtime of 7 hours 31 minutes over the 55 miles. We expect Aliy will rest the team here for a few hours before hitting the trail towards Kaltag, some 47 miles away. With the increase in miles for the leg, Nulato is spaced perfectly for her schedule.

A nice couple of videos on the Insider this morning, one of her feeding in Galena where she is concocting a delicious chicken soup with lots of kibble. The whole time she is doing it Clyde doesn’t take his eyes off her and when he gets his meal you can see him chow down excitedly! If there is one thing you can rely on with Clyde is he will eat what you give him and then some!

The other video shows the team coming in to Nulato and she had Kodiak and Mismo in lead, Izzy and Dutch in swing, Scout with Chemo, Chipper and Willie, Scruggs and Waylon, Schmoe, Felix with Commando and Sandy and Clyde in wheel. They look very nice coming in after a 7.5 hour run. They are wearing their “puff jackets” so we can assume it was cooler over night which is great!


The Black Team completed their mandatory eight hour stop in Ruby and left there on time at 2.45am this morning. Allen still has 14 team mates with him – yay! They are currently moving very nicely on the Yukon River and depending on the speed they go he will either go all the way to Galena 50 miles away or it may suit them to stop on the river to camp somewhere. We’ll keep an eye out for that.

Both teams also feature in the latest “Run Dogs Run – Finger Lake to Galena” video which is exciting! There are a lot of gorgeous shots of the Red Team and a lovely, close up shot of the Black Team coming down a hill early in the race – maybe in the Happy River Steps area. In it the team was led by Quito and Chena with Lester and Junior in swing, Chica and Nacho, Sissy and Spark, Tinder and Lydia, Nomex and Iron, then I can’t quite make out the order at the back but see Champ’s happy face! See below a couple of screen shots from that video showing the Black Team.

You may not hear from me much today as I am part of the first wave of the SP Crew making our way to Nome. Chris and I will drive one of the trucks down to Anchorage, ready for when we pick up the dogs from Nome after the race, then fly out to Nome. The next waves arrive at various times throughout the day on Monday. We will update as and when we can but in the meantime keep an eye on the Current Standings, the Iditarod website, the GPS Tracker and their Facebook page for details.

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  • Nomex…glad to see your on the mend….you did a great job buddy!! 500 miles is a long way for a rookie…Im thinking you will get a chance to see Nome more than once in your SPK Career!

    Glad the temps have cooled down some! Much better for the dogs! The Team looked great coming into Nulato….Go Red Team!

    I didnt think about the logistics of how SPK has to get the dogs BACK to the Kennel. I have a much better appreciation of that now! Safe travels to you all!

  • Oh Yay! Thanks for the black team still shots. Made it easier to see them on the video, which I have watched for about the 10th time now. I was watching on my iPad earlier, but just got on my desktop and expanded to full screen and sat back and watched it, stopped it, backed up SPK scenes and watched again. I will be in and out of the office today (tax season for my family), but all websites will be up and running wherever I am, and on my phone. I'm totally obsessed with knowing what is going on!

  • Awesome look group, that BLACK TEAM!!!

    Get well and feel better, beautiful, strong and powerful Nomex!!!

    What a guy!!!

    And thanks again and safe travels SP Kennel Crew – woof, woof, woof!!!

    Quito looks like a kid again!!!

    Loved the screen shots – I thought I had seen them!!!

  • Thanks for the update. I watched the video on Insider of Aliy feeding the dogs…It was great to see Aliy in such good spirits and when she is talking, for Sandy, on eating her food slowly was awesome.

    Keep on rocking the trail Aliy!!


  • Thanks for the update.
    Nomex get feeling better and enjoy the extra loving. I'm sad I won't get to see your cute little gait come into Nome this year. You will make it, now that you have a little taste of distance running. Way to go Nomex!

    I love the videos and always love the "run dog run". Schmoe dawg seems to be a camera persons favorite to zone in on. He looks like he is on a mission. A little quiet.

    Looks like Aliy is stirring from her rest in Nulato and Allen is about an hour or two outside of Galena.

    Keep up the great runs Red and Black teams!

    Safe travels to Anchorage and then to Nome. Getting excited for Nome.
    Sandy H

  • Good job Nomex. You're one of the big dogs now.

    Moira thank you for all the info and links to keep mE busy today.
    I won't be sleeping!

    Glad the Red team fit a rest in at Nulato.
    I'm surprised to see the Black team is almost to Galena, WOW!

    Have a save trip to Nome.

  • On my God, I hope who ever tried to kill Aliy and Jeff on the snow machine is thrown in JAIL!!!!

    I am so angry!!!

  • I thought Aliy seemed a little mad when she came in and I noticed the trail markers. Now they posted the video in more detail.
    Someone tried to kill Aliy with their snow machine? WTF? And they went after Jeff King too. Who knows who else? JUST WRONG!!!

    My heart goes out to you Aliy. This is not right. I hope you feel better. Use your anger to win this thing!!

    GO Aliy!!

    Sandy H.

  • I worked with Nomex and Linda last night! They were both so sweet and what a joy to give Nomex some love while we waited for Vet check.

  • So very sorry for the incident over night. Thanking the Lord that Aliy is physically well. So sorry for the injury to your dog. May the Lord give you peace and comfort on the trail. We are praying for your here in Nome.

  • Dittos to above comments. Am trying to catch up a bit. It is a busy tax season here. Yes whoever tried to kill Aliy & Jeff King should be in jail. Get well Nomex. Thanks for all your posts Moira.

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