Here they are – the team rosters for the race to Nome.

With Aliy on the Red Team will be Scout, Chemo, Chipper, Clyde, Commando, Dutch, Felix, Izzy, Kodiak, Mac, Mismo, Sandy, Schmoe, Scruggs, Waylon and Willie.

Sandy and Chemo join the Quest dogs on the trail to Nome

Everyone going with Aliy has run the Iditarod before and 14 of the team have just come off a third place finish in the Yukon Quest trail so are ready to keep going to Nome.

With Allen on the Black Team will be Quito, Chica, Lester, Nacho, Amber, Champ, Chena, Driver, Iron, Junior, Lydia, Nomex, Sissy, Spark, Tinder and Violet.

He has nine Iditarod rookies with him, Sissy will run her fourth, Driver and Junior will run their second, then there are 24 races between the ‘big four’ of Quito, Chica, Nacho and Lester so it is a real mix of youth and experience!

Chica and Nacho have 15 Iditarods between them under their harness

Find out more about each athlete by clicking here!

Biscuit and Boondocks are just fine, they were brought to Anchorage as ‘alternates’ but because Allen’s focus is on the two and three year olds this year, and because he had a large bench to choose from, they will both come home with us in the trucks and sit this one out. We wanted them to run in the Ceremonial Start yesterday so they were part of the festivities and they deserve some kudos for a fine season.

There is a bunch of great dogs at home also and it is always so hard to make these decisions but Aliy and Allen are happy and excited about their teams and are looking forward to getting them out on the trail. Everyone at home will be well looked after and will continue to go on some spring-time fun runs and may even get to come inside now and again to check out the tracker!

Note: As soon as the teams leave Willow we jump in the dog trucks and head back up to the kennel so I will be unable to post until late tonight. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page in the meantime as I may get a chance to share some pics there!

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  • This is great, thank you so much for taking good care of us here in the back country not able to lope beside the teams and look for ourselves ! πŸ™‚
    It is amazing to see only two girls on Aliys team , the small and serious ones with the big boys!
    Beside having the rookies in his team, Allens team could be VERY competitive : never underestimate the "old" ones, especially when having this great support by a smooth and strong support from the younger group! We are amazed @ Quito running : she might just show how very much routine she has saving her energy! Endless reserves?
    Good luck to all!
    Thanks SP K team!

  • Thank you for the rosters.
    I am so happy to see that Sissy, Lydia and Junior are feeling good enough to run with the Black team.
    I'm super thankful Violet is on the Black team. I'm rooting for you to make it all the way to Nome Girl. Be careful, that wheel position can be rough.
    You will not believe how TERRIBLY EXCITED I am that SANDY is on Aliy's Red Team. Go Sandy, WOOHOO!!! Keep the excitement going all the way to Nome girl.
    But, don't wear Aliy out.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Padee from Fairbanks says,
    Its almost race time
    Can't believe it's finally here. High fives to all kennel crew and family! Happy Trails to our doggies, and safe journey to All! Go get to it Allen and Aliy.I miss you and send a BIG -Aaaooouuwwwlll to all.
    Thanks Moira!
    Love from a kennel
    Poop Scooper and
    "Bootie fairy"

  • Especially psyched about Chica, Nacho and Quito leading the Black Team. Hoping Allen dials it up just a bit with his team of champions, all of them. They could really make a move and surprise the competition.

  • Waaaahoooo!! Congrats to "worker bee" Sandy and our beloved boy Chemo for making the cut to join the 14 Quest dogs!! Can't wait to see how this Team does in the days to come!! Go SPK Red Team! Thanks for letting us know Biscuit and Boondocks are doing fine…so nice to see them in the Ceremonial Start festivities! The Black Team looks to be the perfect blend of youth and experience……I did a quick search on the Dog Log and it looks like Aliy has had the Mexican Litter on her Team since 2010….kinda cool Allen gets to enjoy the Iditarod Trail with Team members he hasn't had on his Iditarod Black Team for quite some time…kinda like a reunion of sorts! Go Black Team!!

  • Great teams! Yesterday the Ceremonial Start announcers were noticing Quito's energy and praising her history while she was in that starting chute. She was very high energy. We are all so lucky to watch "our" dogs and mushers running this amazing race. I may watch the Aliy movie BTR a few more times too. Everything you do for us gives us more insight into what a phenomenal team we have. Go SPK, the awe inspiring team.

  • Wow, of the Black Team, nine are Nacho's offspring and two are Quito's. It's pretty much team Zorro! Look out…

  • And no, didn't forget Izzy, just counted wrongly: 3! + human makes for girls, like the petals of the good luck clover!
    Have fun at the start.


    Chena is honoured to join The Black team on her first Iditarod.

    And also it is awesome being on a team with that marvelous litter of Quito, Nacho and Chica as well as Lester.

    Well, if Chena could speak she would say, we think, "WOOF!!!" (Translation: Thanks – all this and Allen, too!!!)


  • My special hugs and fortune to Junior. Watching Aliy @101 getting ready and then someone … Leading the team through all that shrub to the trailhead out it was quite the shock to see her hind leg injured? muscle or Achilles ?? And Aliy really unhappy : it is aka ways so amazing how these canine athletes recuperate, especially when young. Go Junior! Smiles to Driver and his siblings! Cheers to Kodiak and his! Bravo SCRUGS! Bravo Clyde and Willie!! Have fun Chica !
    Go teams!

  • What a great experience for the youngsters to run Iditarod with Quito, Chica, and Nacho. I hope there are pics from the trail of Quito chasing down some teams.
    And Aliy is running under the winningest bib # in Iditarod history!
    Go Red and Black teams!

  • Oh, what a fun year this is with two wonderful teams. Of course I am totally rooting for Aliy and teammates to have a terrific trip to Nome, but I have to admit I'm just as excited to see how Allen's team of experts and newbies fares. Go, dogs, go!

  • And Yes, Chica, I knew you would want to take the youngsters to Nome.
    Make sure my little yahoo Violet makes it all the way there Chica my love.

  • I am oddly disappointed to not see more of the younger ones out on the trail with Allen .. So many good ones to chose from! And then the ones that we miss like Olivia, Scooter, Biscuit, Outlaw, Wedgy, Woody, Pepe, Hotshot, Coal, Torch, Hotshot, Cayenne, Nelson, .. Not quite enough for a third full team next year (dreaming!!)

  • Without a doubt, these are championship teams – both dogs and mushers. We're cheering for "happy trails" all around.
    Thanks Moira for all your updates that keep us in the moment.
    Go SPK.
    Ann and Tom

  • Yeah Sparkie! Go Aliy and Allen! Relentlessly hitting the GPS tracker the whole race – safe and great runs for you both!

  • All the best for Allen ,Aliy and the red and black teams πŸ”΄βš«οΈ As you start your Iditord journey today Denali 🐾🐾 and l will riding the sled with you all from Melbourne , Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Go the πŸ”΄βš«οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

  • So excited for all of you as you begin another Iditarod chapter for SP kennel! To the canine newbies- we are so excited to see what you can do! To the seasoned members of the family- have fun coaching up the youngsters!! We are watching and cheering for you Red and Black- all the way to Nome!


  • This is going to be a ground -er – snow breaking race for SPK. Something just feels different sbout it…

    "Run, run, run – a do run run"…

    Speed, safety, health!

  • I can't believe it's finally here–the Greatest Race on Earth! Go Red and Black Teams! Have fun out there but be safe! I'll be hitting the refresh button relentlessly as I follow you to Nome! I know the SPK teams are young this year, but I still hope for a win! Wouldn't that be terrific!! Mush on!

  • Wow, what a pair of awesome teams and I am happy chica and Quito get a final good run to help teach the youngsters, Nacho too. But Aliy's got some real champs too. Such an exciting race and time. My heart is out there with y'all!!Go SPK, RED and Black!!

  • Kissing everyone of those sweet doggie faces a safe journey, fun time and another great experience! Go dawgs, go team!! Woooooo1

  • Go, SP Kennel teams, go! I am so thrilled. Thrilled to be watching another great race with all the great SP Kennel dogs. Thank you, Moira, for letting us know what's happening ..please try to do that as often as possible….those of us who aren't Facebook or twitter fans are waiting for your updates with "baited breath." I can't imagine how the race is going to turn out but I know one thing for certain – SP Kennel will be up there….go Red Team…go Black Team…know that we are cheering you from our homes all across the planet. We are routing for you 110%…..go SP Kennel, go!

  • Rooting for our guy Commando and his team mates. Good luck Ally!! GO TEAM red

    Of course can't forget Allen and his team. wishing you all a safe journey to Home.

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