The SP Kennel DogLog will be the place to come for SP Kennel-centric coverage of the race. We are proudly and unapologetically focussed on only our two teams so if you want to find out about other teams you will need to check with other kennel blogs and/or Facebook pages.

We will occasionally post directly to our Instagram and Facebook pages when a post to the blog is not possible, so keep your eye on them.

We also don’t offer any strategic interpretation or “guessing” about what other teams are doing or will do. There are plenty of others who offer their opinion on what’s happening; we just want to bring you what we know.

For a view of the wider race, the Iditarod Insider, that has GPS Trackers and on-the-trail videos is the best place to go for direct updates. If you haven’t already, you may consider getting this package for yourself if you can.

Check out the Iditarod Trail Committee Website and Facebook page for exclusive updates also. They will have some great photos daily and update on the main stories and current standings. Sebastian Schnuelle will once again be writing for their website and he is always entertaining and informative.

We’ll be keeping an eye on all the local media as they will have reporters and photographers following the trail and try to link you to their stories. If you see something we may have missed please feel free to let us know about it by emailing Moira at

We plan to be as interactive as possible this year so we will be having extra Dog Fan Club draws throughout the race and also a few other competitions for you to enter, so keep your eye out for those. We also love all your comments and support during the race, and both Aliy and Allen go back through the posts and enjoy reading your comments after the race is over so keep ’em coming!

We appreciate in advance your patience as we get confirmation and details about any dogs that are returned to our handler team in Anchorage from either the Red or Black team. We’ll get that information to you as soon as possible but the teams are travelling through very remote parts of Alaska and sometimes it can take a few days for the information to get to us. Rest assured the dogs are in great hands with the veterinarian and volunteer teams in the checkpoints and we will post the info as soon as we can, so your patience is appreciated.

We hope you enjoy following along!

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  • SPK is the greatest! No wonder we fans love you! Thank you for your increased coverage, and of course, safe travels for the Red and Black Teams!

    As always, I wish I could be there to watch Allen, Aily and their teams leave Anchorage on Saturday. Now, after much frustration sitting on the sidelines in VA, continually hitting the the "refresh button" on my computer, I've decided to fulfill a huge " bucket list" dream.
    I'm coming to Anchorage for the Iditarod next year!

  • I'm volunteering on the dog lot in Anchorage! Is it wrong to hope I don't meet any of your dog's there? Best wishes for a safe and healthy trip for all the athletes

  • I'm ready to watch from Oklahoma. Wishing a safe, fun, competitive race for both teams. Wishing safe travels also for the handlers/crew. You all are so good to keep us informed.

  • Judy and Dawn….what a great opportunity for you both!! We went last year and wow….I want to go back! It will be odd to watch the start from home…but this year we can return to our annual "IditaParty" with our core group of friends…so Its nice we have a tradition to fall back on since we can't be there in person. The coverage is awesome….and of course the SPK Dog Log should be looked at numerous times a day to keep up on our favorite Teams Red and Black! Let's get this party started!!

  • It's amazingly awesome how generous you are too your fans….you bring us right in and are and sharing. Pretty sure there are people in every state who "have your back ." Thanks for showing us your incredible life.

  • I'm wondering what other teams we might want to follow…. Came up with no answer. GO ALIY, GO ALLEN, from Ruth

  • Thanks so much for all the info. Agree with the previous comment.
    Only Red & Black for me! GOOD LUCK To you both Aliy and Allen!!

  • Thanks so much for your fabulous coverage, yes you are far and away the best. Go Aliy, Allen, & both teams. Will be cheering you all the way to Nome. Go SPK.

  • Go go Aliy and Allen know those ski poles will be moving like the wind and the dogs feet will be flying over the snow . Best of luck to you and thank you for all you do for us.

  • My favorite two weeks of the year coming up – following my favorite kennel!! Thank you for the window into all the excitement! Many, many good wishes coming from me, Katy and Satchel in western Maine.

  • A marvelous adventure this Iditarod should be…can't wait!!! WOOF!

    Ditto to all above comments on wind in the sails, woof, woof, woof, and…

    Thanks to this website's leadership, we can share interpretations of what we get from the terrific Iditarod service – which we LINK TO FROM SP KENNEL WEBSITE (hit link on the left side of SP Kennel website)!!!

    Another big way to show our support for SP Kennel for sure (that makes a difference to those who will be counting where Iditarod got ITS hits from)!

  • Yes so many of us are die-hard SPK fans. We don't look at other dogs, we don't look at other mushers, we are very focused on willing your/our every success. Not one iota of energy goes anywhere else. We are with your every decision knowing you know best what to do and when to do it. I Am So ready! Go Aliy Go Allen Go Dawgs.

  • From Anchorage Daily News via YouTube: Bringing in snow for shottened Ceremonial Start…

  • Only SP for this armchair crew! Iditarod Insider for overview and to support the concept.
    Y'all at SP don't worry about us. We're beaming luck, strength, enthusiasm, and love to you, the dogs, and the mushers. Hug 'em all for us before they hit the starting line.

  • Sending lots of prayers and positive energies to both the Red and the Black teams. You guys are amazing and soooo generous to us fans and we do appreciate it. I show my support as much as I can and would give all but my own dogs to BE THERE to holler and yell and cheer you on! BTW isn't that face on the Iditarod poster familiar??!!
    Good for Verizon and I am glad to be a long term customer with them. XLNT service in New Mexico!

  • I'm SO excited that I'm chasing my tail…oops I don't have a tail. OMG – I need to find a tail to chase! Anyways VERY EXCITED! Go SP Kennel…Go DOGGIES.

  • God bless you and your beautiful dogs as you take off for Nome in less than an hour now! Signed up to follow Aliy this year! Sweet travels!

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