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As the sun comes up over the western coast of Alaska the leading pack is moving from Unalakleet to Shaktoolik. Two Seaveys and Brent Sass are in front of Aliy and the Red Team at the moment. The chase pack headed by Wade Marrs has left Unk and is in hot pursuit.

The team rested in Unalakleet for 4 hours 18 minutes and left there at 6.42am this morning (note, daylight savings time kicked in overnight here).

In an Insider video of Aliy at Unalakleet she talks about how pretty her run this morning is going to be through the Blueberry Hills and onto the coast. These hills are one of Aliy’s favourite parts of the trail and will hopefully make her heart sing this morning. The dogs will enjoy climbing the hills and imagine Schmoe barking his way up them, cheering the team on!

Take a look at this “Aliy-Cam” video from 2013 as she mushed over the area at sunset. And, here is another link to “Aliy Cam 2012

We see she has left one of the team with the vets in Unalakleet and we’ll get that information to you as soon as we can. Unalakleet is one of the “hubs” that the returned dogs get flown to before getting back to Anchorage so hopefully he or she will get back to Anchorage quickly in only one flight.


The Black Team went straight through Kaltag, spending just under half an hour there. They are cruising along the portage trail, likely on their way to one of the cabins along the way to Unalakleet: either Tripod Flats Cabin, near where Aliy and her team camped yesterday, or 15 miles further on to Old Woman Cabin.

Tripod Flats and Old Woman are both Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public shelter cabins maintained primarily for winter travellers. For more information click here for the BLM webpage on the cabins on the Iditarod Trail.

What is exciting is they are currently on the first page on the GPS tracker standings (see left).

Hopefully today is the day we get to see a picture or video of the team – fingers crossed. If anyone finds one do let us know!

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  • So glad that Aliy and team are back on the trail – putting the tragedy behind them for now. We are with them all in spirit from Montana. Mush on; safe trails to come.

  • Go Aliy!
    Remember your speech to yourself.
    Stay upbeat and positive for those youngsters.
    You are taking this team on an impressive race!
    Lots of love!

  • Thanks so much for this analysis and references to past Red Team travel along the Blueberry Hills. Lovely!!!

    The Daily Report March 12-13, which begins after a recitation of the leader board top ten, continues with Greg Heister and Bruce reflecting upon Aliy and Jeff's experiences, with replay of comments by Iditarod Official Karen…

    AND there is a piece with three young women who are involved in a dental clinic program for the Native villages. GREAT IDEA!!!

    The most assertive member of the trio points out that support is needed for their grant proposal – perhaps SP Kennel fans might want to write letters in support of the Coalitions' purposes? Just a thought!

    Thanks you for all you are doing to keep us up to date!!!

  • For me what is really cool about watching Aliy's 2012 & 2013 video is seeing the comments below & recognizing the names….SPK has many long time fans and supporters. That speaks highly of SPK. I think 2012 was when I became a big fan of this awesome dog sled kennel because of their attitude and care toward their canine athletes. I know other kennels are the same in their care, but it's just so easy to see it watching Aliy & Allen. I hope Aliy draws strength from one of her favorite mushing areas today.

  • Great news on Aliy and the Red Team!!! They are very strong and driven! And great news about Allen and the Black team of experienced and young ones!!!
    Best and love!

  • Loved the sign held by the native woman to welcome Aliy. She nailed it:

    You're strong and brilliant and so, so resilient!

    Hope those coastal winds are at your back and we await another fantastic finish.

  • Aliy and the Red Team appear to be holding their own up the coast! I dont think I recall such a parade of Mushers at this stage of the race! Any missteps by any front runner and there is another Team within 10 miles ready to step into your place! This certainly is shaping up to be a very exciting finish! Glad Im taking Tuesday off to watch them all come in!

    Hope Aliy has her camera to take some footage of the Blueberry Hills again this year! Simply gorgeous!

  • Sing on Schmoe-dog and Aliy! I'm sure I'll be hearing you over here in CT!

  • A song comes to mind for me "Blueberry Hill" by Fats Domino. I
    hope Aliy finds her thrill on Blueberry Hill! Go Aliy!!!
    The beauty in the video is gorgeous!
    Thanks to the SP Crew! Go Allen!!!! He is on a mission!

  • Yes, I hope going through Blueberry hills will make Aliy's heart sing & uplift her. Aliy we all admire and support you .Keep mushing. Doing something you love is the best way to heal. Super that Allen is moving up. Hopefully will get to see some photos of the other awesome SPK team. Go Allen & Black team.

  • Rooting for you, Aliy, from California! I hope you and the dogs are doing better. I heard about it on the radio while I was at work. I stopped immediately and went to your blog as well as the Iditarod website to find more information. I am especially saddened that one of Jeff's dogs died. He looked traumatized in his interview. I can only imagine how both of your feel.
    Happy trails.

  • Sebastian loaded new photos of Aliy and the dogs. I wish he was a little closer so I could make out dogs. Plus there is a little glare off the ice. Nice pictures.

    I don't see Chipper. Anyone??

  • No
    That is Kodiak in single lead?
    Looking so serious, that no nonsense Scout must have rubbed off on him.

  • Isn't Chipper the one running in swing? On the pics where the team is approaching the Checkpoint .

  • I tried to zoom in on the ID Faceboook photo of the dropped dogs in the truck to see if I could see a number on a tag, but they are not in a position to read.

  • I have ao much admiration for both Aily and Allen. I'm praying for Aily to win this year. Now that's a woman that my daughter can look up to!

  • Red and Black you are making tremendous runs! You are looking inspired and full of true grit. Howling with you here in Cincinnati.
    Brilliant and resilient!


  • You & your four leggeds are other-worldly, Aliy…

    You & your four leggeds are other-worldly, Allen…

    And to the families of both, I bow my head in recognition to your complete, unconditional support….

  • I have watched this race so many years, I forget when I started watching.
    Aliy, you have more guts and stamina than any man or woman I know and that's saying something having grown up in 'way up north' Canada.

    The word "inspiration" can't touch you. I love how you give these boys something to really worry about, right on their heels.
    They should worry 🙂

  • Cindy Schaus you're right I see now that Aliy still has Willie in her team 🙂 When I saw the pic first I noticed that she left one dog in Unk and thought it might be him. The dog on the ID page looks like he could be an SP Dog with that red collar….yeah now that you mention it – maybe it IS Clyde?

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