As promised, here are the videos from the Ceremonial starts this morning. As the route was only three miles long you will get to see almost the whole thing!! The videos are quite long so you might want to make a cuppa and put your feet up to really enjoy them!

First is Allen and Chris with the Black Team.

Thanks to Verizon Wireless for the GoPro!

Then it is Aliy and Moira with the Red Team.

For those wondering about the leis – Matson, SP Kennels biggest sponsor and also a major race sponsor, has been associated with shipping in Hawaii since 1882. To celebrate this association our teams, along with the teams Matson bought an Iditarider seat with, were presented with beautiful leis to wear today. Thanks team!

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  • Absolutely beautiful! It makes you feel like you are along for the ride. Thanks for the videos! Wishing you all a healthy trip to Nome and lots of good luck. I will be watching from VA.

  • You all are so good to the fans on the sidelines (and to the fans watching from afar). Love all the smiles and high 5's along the ceremonial start trail. Thanks Chris & Moira for taking the great videos allowing us to ride behind both the black and red teams. And yes, Thank You Verzon for the GoPro. Big day today. I'm ready!

  • Gearing up with massive excitement and thrilled for another year of fun watching and arm chair gripped mushing you both along! Will be watching from afar but emotionally there!! Safe and fun travels as you go this year!

  • Sitting here with Beemer and Viper watching the videos. Their ears perked up when they heard Allen and Aliy, and their (former) team mates!! Go SPKennel. Have a great race.

  • Nice laid back sled tour – fun to see. did anybody happen to get a pic of Chris on the tag sled; I'd love to have one from the ceremonial start going through Anchorage? Good luck Aliy and Allen in the race.

  • Great leis on super dogs for fun event!
    After all that, hope this morning everything goes well and you'll get not too serious – hahaha!
    Seriously sincere good luck wishes go out to all the SPK heroes, dogs and woman and man: each a champion. Have a good race , happy trails, and safe journey.
    I send my good luck star to shine for Aliy.
    I'll have to sit put and watch the tracker!!!

  • This footage is GREAT!!! Waves to the Fans….manuevering through pedestran culverts and even a "give me a hug" from Aliy!!! Nicely done SPK…nicely done!!

  • What a ride with Allen and Aliy! Love the sound of the crunching of the snow,! And rage crowds.. Wow the wonderful people lining the toute so much oh the day.

    Question: Is Aliy throwing do bookies in the cod

  • Awesome teams, awesome leis, wonderful outpouring of affection!!!

    Best wishes for awesome Iditarod to both Red and Black Teams – GO ALIY GO!!!


    Woof, woof, woof!!!

  • What a ride with Allen and Aliy! Love the sound of the crunching of the snow,! And the large crowds, the wonderful people lining the street as they passes, That has to be a natural high!

    Question: Is Aliy throwing dog booties into the crowd?

  • Oh dear, at first it looked like the dogs were kicking off their booties, then realize they are being tossed to the spectators. Aliy is such a great sportswoman… so kind and waving and taking time to acknowledge the fans. Love that. GO SPK Red and Black Teams!!!!

  • Great videography! Thank you Verizon! and the Iditarider who threw booties out! Everyone wants to touch Aliy and be touched by her. Thank you Tom and Cindy for keeping us posted on Beemer and Viper. And Matson for those beautiful leis, a symbol for affection and for all the fans wherever you are who make this such a rich experience.

  • I got choked up at start and felt ver sentimental when you past my favorite viewing spot on Cordova. So much positive energy all around.

  • Chris and Moira thank you for the videos, I loved every moment!
    See Dallas Run. See Aliy run faster. Ha ha, I love it.
    I love the leis and new jackets, thank you Matson, they're beautiful.
    Nice hug Aliy, you're the best.
    Aliy and Allen, I hope the two of you have an inkling of how much people love you.
    SPK all the way to Nome!!!

  • Thanks Moira and Chris for the great video! Just love to see how
    fans re-act to Aliy & Allen! Thanks also to Verizon & Matson
    for all the support of this fine kennel! Who can forget Viper &
    Beemer–give a big hug to them from me!!! Anxious for the start
    and Good Luck SPK!!!!!

  • Wow, what a treat to wake up to these wonderful videos. Thank you so much. I like how we were able to see so much of what you all actually saw. Kudos especially to the person who held the video camera the whole way. I saw you on the Iditarod website and was impressed that you could hold onto a sled and video at the same time.
    Thanks in advance for all the pictures and posts. I really look forward to them every day of the race.

  • from Maureen cheering from Comox, Canada
    thank you for the videos, I loved every moment!!!!!!
    keep them coming
    Go Aliy and Allen Go !!!!!!

  • Good Luck Aliy, have a great race, pulling for you!! In enjoyed riding as you left Anchorage, thanks for your positive attitude and smile!

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