Woohoo! Allen has 14 team mates into White Mountain!!

They pulled in at exactly 10pm this evening and will get to leave for Nome at 6am. All going according to plan we might see them at between 3pm and 4pm tomorrow afternoon. We are beyond excited to see them.

Even though we haven’t posted much about them today we have definitely been keeping a close eye on the Tracker and Standings to see how they are progressing. We are very excited that Allen and the team might be home a day earlier than normal!

Allen is still running a string of 14 dogs which is amazing. He has 56 feet to booty, 14 dinners to prepare and 28 ears to scratch so he has been working hard to get the team along the trail. Okay, so the ear scratching isn’t really “work” as such.

Allen’s daughter Bridgett has taken a snow machine and some friends along the trail to White Mountain to see them. I put the video camera in her pocket before she left so we might get some footage if it is not too dark to capture anything.


Felix arrived into Anchorage this evening and is enjoying some time with Linda. Aliy told us that Felix was a conservative drop – he was starting to develop a runny belly and was not eating so well. The trail up the coast can be challenging especially if a dog isn’t feeling 100% so she left him in Unalakleet.

We still do not have Clyde home and understand he is still in Unalakleet waiting for a flight to Anchorage.

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  • Oh poor Clyde but l am sure he is getting extra special attention ….Enjoy the final run to Nome Allen and The Black Team can't wait to see some footage . Denali 🐾🐾 and Joanne 🇦🇺

  • Woohoo!
    White Mountain with 14, Allen!!!
    I am so excited for this team of youngsters.

    In the Run Dogs Run-Finger Lake to Galena Video, Chena was watching Quito's every move. Smart one! Hopefully she is learning the think like Quito too.

    Go Black Team!

  • Allen's schedule was such that many times when Aliy was running, he was resting, so I was not able to track his progress as effectively as I would have liked – but I can say that every time I checked speeds when he was moving, the youngsters and canny seniors were clipping right along.

    I look forward to watching them roll into Nome tomorrow.

  • Allen and the Black Team are doing wonderful. I'm pretty excited to watch Quito come into Nome again. I really wish they would send poor Clyde home. I know he is in terrific hands and being well cared for, but there is no place like home with his humans.

  • It was good to wake up and see the ID e-mail saying Allen had checked into White Mountain. It will be nice to have the team arrive in the afternoon/evening. I hope I get to watch that live, but unfortunately have other obligations this evening 🙁 I bet Clyde has made lots of new human friends while waiting for his flight to Anchorage.

  • Glad Felix is ok! Poor Clyde…hope he gets back to you all soon!

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the Black Team!!! 14 strong…that is amazing!

  • Awesome news!!! I'm sure Allan wants to get to Nome and be reunited with Aliy and the Red Team!!!
    Hope Mr. Clyde gets a ride to Anchorage soon to be reunited with his team mates!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Whoo Hop. Great news on reaching White Mountain, Allen and 14 team mates. Looking forward to cheering you into Nome.

  • Love the update, so exciting to see the youngsters enjoying their experience. Saw the news clip with Allen interview and talking about Quito, kind of choked me up a bit I must admit… in a good way! GO SPK!,,

  • So happy for Allen and those awesome dogs! Really good demonstration of great dog care and admirable patience for the former YQ champion to stick to a rhythm and bring into th finish dogs with positive! experience under their belt. Bravo black team. Rest well , waiting to see the finish pics!!
    Thank you for your updates on the dropped dogs! Still hoping all is well for Clyde as he's still without anybody he knows, and injured. Best wishes for Felix's recovery.

  • Nice job Allen! Insider has a couple of good videos on the Anchorage Dog Drop. The volunteers and volunteer vets do such a great job taking care of the dogs. Clyde is in great hands in Unalakleet and will also be well cared for when he reaches Anchorage. Knowing this helps with the wait.

  • So proud of this young team and Allen's masterful care getting them this far! Can't wait to see them finish!

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