Dear Scout,

What you have accomplished is amazing. Too bad you aren’t as pretty as me. Maybe then you would get more attention, I mean, who knows of Scout? Scout who? Has anyone put your picture on a cover of a magazine? Huh? But I digress.

I know that I get most of the attention, magazine covers, sled dog calendars, picture books on sled dogs, but you are the real deal, the littermate that I am so proud of, not that the rest of the car litter weren’t like kind of ok too. It’s just that most all of us have all gone on to be couch potatoes, but not you!

Sometimes I hear the peeps call you the fun police but look at you now, leading the newbies all the way to Nome while I lay on the bed in Oregon and push the refresh button. I got all emotional seeing you come down Front Street. Almost had to get off the bed to get a kleenex but I just rubbed myself all over that nice SPK pillow instead.

I need to go freshen up. Someone might want to interview me on what it was like growing up with you. Miss you bro!

The Pretty One,

Thanks Jeanne for typing this up for Honda

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  • Watch it Honda….. SCOUT is our good luck charm and you might be pretty but he is absolutely awesome (and I think he's beautimous also). from Ruth

  • Thanks you Honda for this "up close and personal" commentary on the Car Litter members.

    I have noticed that almost all of ChaCha and Odd Ball's children are great leaders.

    Some are good lookers too, like their Daddy Odd Ball, like many of Olivia's kids, and others like Scout have a lovely "widow's peak" and favor their Mom ChaCha's coloration.

    Beemer (ret.) was the best looking guy of all, I always thought – but I am partial to blond doggies.

    Your letter was awesome, very impressive, and shows you are enjoying retirement by staying active in the fields and at the computer!!!

    Best always, woof, woof, woof,


  • LOL,
    Honda, you are still looking like a model laying next to that awesome, keyboard comfy making, SPK pillow.
    You are right, Don't tell Quito, but I think you and she may have stolen the limelight away from Scoutie for a few years.

    But, did you notice running into the finish shoot, that big ol' grin Scoutie had on his face? Captions: How proud? This proud. The Insider guys missed it, but the SPK camera crew didn't!
    Scout, keeping up with those youngsters, all the way to Nome. Crazy! Crazy Amazing!
    We're not going to forget Scoutie.

  • Yep Scouty you are the bomb! Thanks Honda for the praise and love shout out!
    Padee Fairbanks

  • This brightened my day. Love it! So funny and sweet. Nice to see Scout get his due respect and admiration. I think Scout's a cutie. Bro Honda has maintained his good looks in retirement. What a fabulous photograph! And check out that SPK pillow!!!!!!

  • Scout let down his guard when he crossed the burled arch and you could see how proud he was on his and the team's accomplishment. Thanks Honda for reminding everyone what a cool guy Scout is.

  • As Scout's sponsors, we got a good laugh out of reading Honda's comments. He has such a way with words – a new found talent to go with being the pretty boy? We needed a box of Kleenex too seeing Scout come down Front Street. Scout and Mismo looked like "Mutt and Jeff" next to each other.
    Thanks to Honda and Jeanne for sharing their observations.

    Ann and Tom
    PS. We think Scout is pretty good lookin' too – especially his eyes.

  • Honda,

    I am sure Scout thought about you on the trail. It is nice of you to take the pressure of being the glam squad. This leaves Scout able to lead those future kennel leaders down the right path to Nome.

    You hang in there with your rough life of pillow sitting.Take a nap and get a snack. You never know when you might be called back into the game!

    Signed Scouts Personal Assistant.

  • You're right Honda, that was your niece, Junior, grinning from ear to ear in that pic.
    I guess I haven't quite recovered from the lack of sleep.
    Scout did look pretty darn peppy and proud next to Mismo, even after 1000 miles!

  • Dear Honda,
    Since I was what you all call the fun police, I saved my energy for when it counted most. None of that unnecessary spinning around and jumping forward against the line and not go anywhere. That is why I ran lead coming into Nome at my age and you are on a couch, hitting refresh on a screen. I think I looked great next to that tall, lanky guy, Mismo.

    I even rubbed off on Schmoe, you remember, that white dog with black specks and black with brown around his eyes and ears, always talked a lot. He was calm and collected when we came into checkpoints, he always had a camera in his face.

    Enjoy the couch, I'm still running.

    Channeled from Scout

  • LOL..that was hilarious!!! Sure enough, Scout is the last "Car" rolling down the trail for SPK! I wish I knew the rest of the litter better….I hopped on the SPK Fan train just when Honda was exiting. Its easy for us to forget Olivia is also of this litter…the "oddball" name for a car litter pup. BUT Honda certainly looks a lot like his litter mate Olivia. Scout doesnt look like them at all….genetics man…its truly amazing! ChaCha and Oddball certainly made some awesome SPK Super Stars….a perfect mix!

    My SPK Pillow propped my head up more than once this season! Willow, my beloved female German Shepherd started sitting in MY chair when I placed the SPK Pillow there this fall. I have to laugh when I see her scrunched up on my chair…and her head on the SPK pillow. She NEVER did this before I put the pillow there. Honda seems to be drawn to the same SPK "pillow dog magnet"!

  • Woof Woof Honda 🐾🐾 you made us smile Denali says he has got have one of those pillows to enjoy next's seasons races πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ”΄βš«οΈ.
    Denali and Joanne πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  • Honda, are you a bit jealous of the great Scout? He was grinning since he is so focused on racing and leading the team while you are a couch doggie potato. But thanks for sharing your thoughts that brightened my day. Big cheer for Scout!

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