One of the best things about spring is getting the puppies into harness for the first time.

Aliy and Chris took the Coffees out yesterday with Lester and Olivia, Biscuit and Boonie. Chica went along for the first run.

First up was Perky, Barista and Bean then Sanka, Decaf and Creamer had a turn. They were AMAZING! Check it out!

The two worst? Biscuit and Boonie! Every time they stopped they would get so tangled and caught up it slowed everyone else down!

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  • Looking good Chris and Aliy!
    The Coffee liter already have that great big SP Kennel grin for the camera face on.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thanks to Lester, Olivia, Biscuit, Boonie and Chica for passing their well honed skills on to the lively youngsters.
    Love it!!!

  • Oh how beautiful. Thank you for the inaugural pup run video! Wow. They look like they're off to a happy and exciting start. With the sun slowly getting stronger and temps creeping up, I imagine you have to take every advantage possible of the remaining snow that's still there to get in sled runs. What an exciting litter. I expect great things from these youngsters ('yahoos'? – ha)and I know you all do, too. Keep doing what you're doing. It's a proven formula for success….oh…and maybe happiness, too? πŸ™‚

  • Whoo HOOOO! Decaf the chatty one! I like the idea of Decaf Nome 2018 that was written on the postcard! Yee haw. They all look great, healthy, and strong. Thanks for sharing.

  • OMG, that was the BEST video ever!!!! I think you have another cheerleader with Decaf. He's not so decaffeinated in harness! I love how the puppies are loping and the vets are just trotting along like it's no big deal. This just completely made my Monday!

  • Adorable!!!

    Thanks so much for this Coffee "fix" and indeed Decaf sounded more like 3 cups of High Test to me!!!

    They certainly do grow fast!!!

    Woof, woof, woof!!!

  • How exciting is this for us fans!!! I think I watched it at least 4 times….I think Bean has it down! Sanka too! Decaf just cracks me up with all the chatter and my goodness Creamer have some control over the urge to chew! LOL…the all looked GREAT!! Another group of Sled Dogs for us all to fall in love with!

    As for ID…boy…we got our work cut out for us SPK Dog Loggers!!! Perky, Barista, Decaf….my mind is a blur! I think my favorite is Bean with her one brown eye patch…now she I can recognize right of!!!

    Thanks for posting….it helps with the "withdrawls" we are all having!

  • Marvelous. They seem so natural like they were born to do it, duh!! Happy sled dogs in the making–thanks so much for sharing! Creamer, my girl, no nibbling on the lines! You can't do that or you will be Bad Dog No No. Otherwise great work and Decaf is quite the little singer. Miranda maybe or Christina?

  • Great video, yes Decaf is quite the talker. My dog Diva came running in to see who was making all the noise( I think she thought I snuck a puppy in the house.) You still have quite a bit of snow left. Have you had any ash fallout from the volcano?

  • Padee from Fairbanks,
    Wow oh wow! Sanka, Decaf… Puppies? They are so Big and Happy! Great to hear your and there voices?
    B&B teaching them what Not to do on the line.
    Thanks Aliy and Chris.Can't wait to get home.

  • First time in harness ever! That is so cool to see. LOL Decaf, you little chatter-box. And Creamer, stop chewing the line girl! So much fun to watch, Thanks!

  • What a "fun run" for the Coffee litter. I am sitting here with Beemer and Viper and they are WATCHING the video screen!!!and intently listening to Aliy!! Wish we had snow in PA.

  • Oh my goodness! Decaf talking up a tornado of a storm, such an excited happy puppy on this first run, just uncontained!! Dogs all look like they had a wonderful time, after all, watching the other dogs have all the fun, now they get a turn!

    Thanks for sharing the excitement and fun!

  • Just when I think it can't get any better, there is this and little Decaf. It is Spring and we have SPK. Life is good.

  • Thanks for the video of the new generation of SP Dogs! Nice to see
    Lester which I am a fan of leading the way with the help of Big O,
    Chica, Boonie and Biscuit. Legends they are!! Future looks bright!!

  • YAY for the puppies and their canine role models! The video was GREAT!!! The young Coffee Clan seem to know what to do! You guys are awesome—and they will be too! πŸ™‚ :0) :)>

  • Thanks ever so much for this spectacular reminder of who's out there in the puppy pen – and what a thrill for Boondocks to run with Biscuit!!!

    Cudos to Mommy Olivia for leading the way!!! With M. Lester joining her in lead, the Coffee Litter motored along apace!!!

    I'll drink (coffee) to that!!! Can't seem to get enough of the pups!!!

  • Dittos to what everyone has already posted. What a hoot. I LOVED the pups' grins… about as big as mine right now. Another group of yahoos off to a great start!

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