What an incredibly difficult decision it turned out to be for both Allen and Aliy to narrow their teams down to 14 and 12 respectively. Of course, it’s a nice “problem” to have but it wasn’t easy!

Allen’s team will be Scout, Chipper, Clyde, Commando, Dutch, Felix, Izzy, Kodiak, Mac, Mismo, Willie, Schmoe, Scruggs and Waylon.

He has several Yukon Quest 1000 rookies on the team continuing the “changing of the guard” theme of this season. Chipper, Commando, Dutch, Felix, Mismo and Kodiak have not competed in this race, although all have had 1000 mile experience in the Iditarod. It is a big deal of Allen to have a two year old in Commando with him in the ‘A’ team so we are excited for Commando! Allen’s most experienced team mate is Scout, having raced the YQ1000 all five times with him and is a two-time Quest Champion!

Allen’s oldest and youngest team mates, Scout and Commando

Click here for more information about the Black Team athletes.

Aliy has Lester, Boondocks, Chena, Daisy, Spark, Amber, Violet, Driver, Iron, Champ, Sandy and Chemo with her on the 300 mile race. She has a team stacked with Yukon Quest 300 rookies with only Lester, Boondocks, Chemo and Sandy having raced it before.

Brothers Iron and Driver race today!

Click here for more information about the Red Team athletes.

There are a number of talented athletes left at the kennel. If they weren’t 100% fit they were not considered for either team so that they have a better chance to make an Iditarod team. Some will need some time off to fully recover from any slight injuries and a big bunch of them will continue training on the trails of Two Rivers to keep their fitness up ready for March. There are a few of our “more mature” team members who have been tagged as very important for the Iditarod so will sit this one out as they have nothing to prove. You will notice some big names missing from the two line-ups.

We know that sponsors and fans of the dogs left behind will be disappointed but just because they aren’t racing this week doesn’t mean they aren’t just as important as those that are. They will be well looked after at home and will get lots of love and a few extra treats!

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  • Go Scoutie, take care of business! So proud of Scout and Lester.

    Both teams are awesome.

    I'm hurrying to get Saturday errands run before race time.

  • Gee…Haw…We'll glued to the GPS tracker watching Allen and Aliy and their amazing athletes. So excited that our "pup" Commando is running. I see a trip to Alaska next year! Stay calm and mush on!

  • Can understand the dogs left behind as two names are veteran's.
    Quito and Olivia are two of the greats! Good Luck to Red & Black
    and Crew! Love SP Kennel!!!!!

  • All this young talent is getting loads of experience in this years Yukon Quest!! A shout out to Chemo…..teach them what you know best to do….run, rest, eat and repeat! Also a shout out to the SPK talent "in reserve" back at the Kennel….we love you guys….sending a cyber pat on the head to each and every one of you from the Adirondacks!

    Now let's race!!

  • All the SPK names are big names to me, no matter whether they race or not, they are all Good Dawgs. I am so happy to be watching the changing of the guard and so very optimistic for excellent outcomes for all. Good luck Aliy and Allen and all your faithful companions for this race.

  • On the race trail or home at the kennel refreshing the GPS…excited and behind you all the way, Black and Red! Smooth and safe cruising!


  • Looks like two good line ups dot the YQ300 and 1000… Am excited to hear how well the rookies do…but am sure they will be amazing!
    Go Black Team!
    Go Red Team!


  • Yep everyone is important at SP kennels woof woof to all the 🐾🐾🐾🐾🔴⚫️ And happy swift travels for Allen and Aliy go the Red and the Black ! Cheers from Denali and Joanne 🇦🇺

  • The younger ones have got to get their experience doing the real thing. it is something no training can quite duplicate. Like you say the old vets have nothing to prove now but you need a few of them to help the new kids figure it all out. I am sure they will all do an awesome job and the moms and dads and teammates at home will be proud even though they may fret a little at being left behind.
    Go Black, Go Red and carry our love and support with you!!

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