It was a day of meetings for Aliy with the vet checks for her YQ300 team mates followed by musher and handler meetings and the bib draw.

Aliy, Chris and kennel friend Linda Steiner took 14 dogs to the veterinarian checks this morning. Aliy has the same issue as Allen, she now has to narrow down her team to 12 dogs and she is really struggling to do so. They all want and deserve to go!!

Later she, Wes and Wendy heard from the officials about the trails and received procedural information, then Aliy drew bib number 1! She and the Red Team will leave the start chute at 3.00pm sharp on Saturday.

Dog tag #1; Two Rivers mushers: (back) Chase Tingle, Ryne Olson, Maliko Ubl, Shaynee Traska, Stephanie Ehlenfeldt, (front) Aliy, Joanna Jagow, Lia Amundsen

Tonight will be very quiet and low-key as the dogs will have their dinner and sleep peacefully. Both Aliy and Allen will do their final preparations, double check everything, pack their sleds and get some sleep before their races start tomorrow. The handler crews will be doing the same as they embark on their own epic journeys!

We’ll let you know team line-ups in the morning. We’re not sure of them ourselves yet!

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  • Woof, woof, woof!!!

    Go Red Team!!! Go Black Team!!!

    Best of luck – and an extra woof, woof!!


  • Bib #1, wow, good thing Aliy enjoys being in front.
    Rest up SPK teams…
    lots of excitement coming.

  • Awesome….Bib #1!!!! Sounds like the final line up will be a game day decision!! Lots of talent to choose from….thats a good dilemma!!

  • I think my heart isn't connected to my brain anymore…..WOW! 1st team out? Whew! Lots of teams you won't have to pass…at least not for a while. Aliy you go, girl. And your dogs, too. We are all watching and praying and rooting for you. I hope you can feel it. I can't wait to see this race play out. No matter what you are champions. You know that. I know that. We all know that. Have fun out there. Enjoy yourselves. Run like we have seen you run. And we will all be cheering.

  • Bib 1 for the number one musher and team on the YQ 300. Go get-um Aliy! Will be with you all the way! Safe Travels!
    Many Thanks to the SP Crew also. You guys and gals are the best!

  • What a great problem to have with 14 race-ready dogs that need to be narrowed down to 12. Feel a little sad for the 2 (and 2 from Allen's pool of 16) that will have to be left behind. No doubt the awesome SPK support crew back home will make sure they get extra cuddles. Two Rivers mushers are really representing in the race! What I gather via the "interwebs" is that Chase seems like a real stand-up musher, so no trash talking, but yeehaw to all the TR ladies! Wishing Aliy the best in the race and I'm sure the final line up of Red Team 4-leggers will be up to the challenge of making the bib number also be the finishing number. Go Aliy! Go Dogs!

  • Good Luck to both Red Team and Black Team on the Yukon Quest! Hope all of you have safe runnings. First thing tomorrow morning German Time (about midnight Yukon Time) will be to check for news – streams or vids or reports from spkennel.

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