Congratulations to Aliy, Lester, Boonie, Daisy, Amber, Violet, Driver, Iron, Champ, Sandy and Chemo, plus Chena and Sparkie at home, on their 2nd place finish, just as the sun was setting, in an exciting Yukon Quest 300.

The Red Team under Nordale Road bridge on Saturday afternoon soon after the start of the YQ300

Aliy will be so pleased with her young team; she wanted them to race a competitive 300 mile race and they have done just that. The one disappointment for her will be that Chena and Spark weren’t there to finish the race. They are both very promising lead dogs and she wanted to see what they could do under some pressure. They will get another opportunity however so all is not lost.

We have no photos yet as Central has limited cell and internet coverage so we will catch you up when we can. The Yukon Quest Facebook page has some great pics from their reporting team on the ground so keep checking back there.

Thanks to Wes and Wendy for their great care and attention to the team. It makes a huge difference to have such a good handler crew that knows the musher and dogs so well. You can sleep soon!

Congratulations to Jessie Holmes in his rookie Yukon Quest 300! We hope everyone who raced achieved their goals and had a lot of fun. There were several different strategies in play for the top bunch of teams over the final two legs so it was a fascinating race to follow. It looks like Two Rivers will be well represented in the top bunch also which is exciting!

I will make use of some down time in the truck to Dawson to get Aliy’s dog-by-dog wrap-up and get it to you as soon as I can.


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  • What a great race with all those newbies! Fire litter is just that…on FIRE! Great race Aliy, now refresh, refresh on the other tracker screen (great part of two monitors…watch both trackers, refresh, roll mouse, refresh, repeat)

  • Congrats Red Team!! Way to go!!! We are so proud of you all!! Can't wait to hear about the journey….safe travels back to the Kennel everyone!!!

  • Congratulations for a race well run! The fact that so many newbies were on this year's team makes it all the sweeter! Next trail stop for these canine athletes: R and R!

  • Yeah ! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»well done the Red Team on your second place in the YQ 300 Big pats to the 🐾🐾 Lester , Boonie, Daisy , Amber , Violet , Driver , Iron, Champ ,Sandy & Chemo and of course not too forget Chena and Spark ( l'm sure it would have been a 1st place if you had both been leading the way 😊But second is great and Aily great effort and great management of the youngsters as always .
    Woof Woof from Denali and Joanne πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸΎπŸΎ

  • Great finish for the youngsters! Great team management (of course) by Aliy! Always proud to be a fan and cheer for SPKennel. Go Two Rivers neighbors and make a nice sweep of the rest of the top finishes. Safe travels to Dawson City and much love to the Red Team 4-leggers for their great finish.

    Onward to clicking refresh on the tracker and stalking Allen. Go Dogs!

  • Yahoo! Aliy and young pups! Ahoowwll from all your fans.. we are so proud of you all. Boonie you do the old gals proud! What a terrific race. Congratulations to the handlers I said you would be great and you were! Great team work all, rest well you deserve it! Allen will be happy about your news.

  • I am thrilled silly. What a great showing for the new dogs and a fine start to what are sure to be stellar careers. Happy and proud of you all! Hugs to Aliy and treats to those twelve wonderful dogs!
    Now let's hope the Black Team can do as well or even better! So far so good.
    Sending lots of hope and good wishes.

  • Congratulations to the red team!! This is indeed a fantastic finish, and especially so for the youngsters. There is a bright future for SPK!!!

  • Woo-hoo!! Great job, team! My refresh finger is all ready to keep checking up on Allen and his team. Get some rest Red Team and be ready to greet Allen later on. Love, love, love being part of Team SPK!

  • Congratulations Red Team, Wes and Wendy!!!
    Fantastic race, now enjoy some well deserved rest.

  • Many congratulations to the Red Team!! You youngsters did a wonderful job and I'm sure your mom and musher Aliy is very very proud of you!!!
    Thank you handlers and thank you Moira for your dedication and great updates!!!

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