Aliy left Mile 101 checkpoint without Chena. As she was bringing her team up from her parking spot to the checkout area she noticed Chena was limping a little and appeared to have a sore shoulder.

Although she thought it could have just been a cramp from sleeping, as the next leg included Eagle Summit she didn’t want to risk having her really injure it more or have to carry her in the bag up and over the hill.

Chena is happy in the truck having had some beef snacks and is now curled up asleep. It won’t be long before she is reunited with her team mates and back at the kennel where she will get some rest for a while as we reassess her injury.

She had done so well up until that point but it was best for everyone that she get left with Wes and Wendy.

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  • Darn……so sorry Chena had to leave the Team, but always in the best interest of the dog…with Eagle coming up it was a wise move…..hope you feel better Chena… up girl!!

  • good update friends. now Chena can go back and tell Biscuit all about her adventures. Safe journeys all! Ahoowwllll!

  • I am pretty sure I speak for Chena when I say:

    "Woof, woof, WOOF!!!"

    Which means something like – "I can do it – but I'll take one for the team and sit the rest of the YQ300 out, if you want me to, just to be sure the TEAM is not hampered in their efforts" – great illustration of Chena's statement in her pic,

    "GO RED TEAM!!!"

    Thanks so much for your super caring and sensitive treatment of Chena,

    Best regards,


  • Sorry Chena tell the "crew" at the kennel how much fun you had along the trail. Hope your injury is not serious.

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