Kennel veterinarian and sponsor Dr Tamara Rose from T Rose Veterinary Service came to the kennel last night to carry out the mandatory vet checks on 16 of the Yukon Quest 1000 tagged dogs.

As Allen is a veteran musher he is able to use a Yukon Quest approved vet to complete the vet checks at the kennel.

The vet checks (right) include weight and body condition, temperature and pulse rate as well as a thorough check on feet, teeth, eyes, musculoskeletal checks as well as general health and fitness indicators.

The only problem now is to narrow down 16 to 14! It will be a tough decision as they are all fit, healthy and asking to go!

Waylon’s forelegs are checked for mobility or flexibility issues; Mac has his heart rate checked (and seems to be quite enjoying it)

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  • Thanks ever so much for these quick updates on the athletes!!!

    Both guys seem to be entertained by the poking and touching! They both look so fit and eager!!!

    I've always felt that either Waylon or Mac could stand in as assistant musher if they had to!!!

  • Yes both seem to be enjoying themselves in the pictures. I am sure a lot of mushers would love to be able to pick from 16 SPK dog. What a choice. Go Black Team and Allen.

  • Bridgett has to file a "trail" report when it's all over to tell us whether she feels more exhausted when she's handling for the Quest or when she's chasing after those 2 junior mushers of hers! Best of luck to Allen, Aliy, all the 4-legged athletes, and the entire support crew behind them doing all the various jobs needed to make SPK the best sled dog kennel ever. Go dogs! Have fun!

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