Allen and the Black Team left Dawson at 2.19am. Leading the team out was Kodiak and Mismo with Scout and Waylon in swing, Chipper and Izzy will run this next leg together followed by Schmoe and Scruggs; Dutch and Willie partner up, and Mac took his place alone on the line. Clyde and Commando bring up the rear in the wheel position.

In this video you’ll see them leaving the camp spot with both Allen and Aliy on the sled as they make their way out to the checkout point. Allen’s mandatory gear was checked then they were sent on their way.

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  • Thanks for sharing the video. (Did you choke up Moira?)
    I love the howl!
    The team looks excellent.

    Looks like Allen and his teammates made it to the a nice high campsite. That should make leaving all the more pleasant after a rest. Hope it isn't windy.

    Lookin good SPK!!

  • Sounded like the team was singing a "Goodbye Dawson, Hello Brent, On-by Brent" song early this morning! Wishing Allen and the Black Team good luck and prayers for a safe and uneventful trip!

  • They sure looked ready to GO! So nice to see the dogs so happy and
    of course the main man Allen! Go Black Team!!!

  • I love the HOWL…..SPK Dogs are known for their howls! I wonder if a sled dog likes or dislikes running alone on the line? Do they miss a partner? Or perhaps they like the solitude….in any event Mac has the strength to pull for two! They looked awesome!! Keeping a close eye on the tracker here in the Adirondacks!

  • Oh, how I could hug each of them! The team looked so rested, so ready to go. Safe journey to Pelly!

    Moira and SP kennel team, thank you for your fabulous posts and videos. You're the greatest!

  • I KNOW! I wanted to howl with them! Go Kodiak and Mismo! Go Allen! Go Black Team! Go SP Kennel!
    This is going to be gut-wrenching again, isn't it? Last year's race just about gave me an ulcer. Refresh, refresh, refresh. But the fact that some of these dogs are so young is a great testament to the love and care and training that SP Kennel gives to it's 4-leggeds. Good job, you guys. You have taught us all that "class" is all about caring for and focusing on the care and attitude of the dogs. We ALL have a ton of respect for you and Aliy and all the 2-leggeds that help SP Kennel be top-notch. I hope you can feel it. I hope our thoughts and cheers are heard somewhere in your psyche. Keep up the happy dog team – that's all that matters.

  • The team looks ready to tackle the rest 500 miles. Love the howl, great send off from Dawson. Mac was super eager to get started. It is like he was staying, come Allen we've got 500 mils to go. Run safely & swiftly Allen & team. Thanks for video. Happy dogs!!

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