We got Allen and 13 of his team mates on their way to Pelly Crossing right on time and rearing to go.

The great news is we have 13 fantastic, strong, healthy and enthusiastic dogs on the trail with Allen!

Unfortunately Felix is still with us.

He came into Dawson looking great but he didn’t eat as well as everyone else during the layover. He had a bit of a runny bum (not the technical term) and as departure time got closer it was clear he wasn’t feeling 100%. We just ran out of time to get him over it completely.

He needs a couple more days rest, hydration and medicine but it is something we expect him to get over very quickly. Allen decided it was in Felix’s best interest to do the rest of the race in the truck.

Allen is very fond of Felix and will miss him on the team.

We don’t see the team now for a long time as they travel the 200-odd miles to Pelly. All we will see is the bouncing dog on the tracker so will be hitting refresh repeatedly!

We are catching some sleep now and will break camp down tomorrow. Thanks for waiting up with us!

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  • A great send off to Allen and the Black Team from Vermont! I'm sure that Felix will be super pampered and get the rest that he needed!!! He did great no matter what!!! β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Ditto to what Toni stated! What an amazing group of people and athletes SP Kennel Rocks!!

  • And watching the tracker, they've already taken a darn good bite out of the Pelly chapter. Wishing Wellness to Felix – safety & health to the hard chargers on the trail – ditto to the great updaters in camp. Thanks mucho, from New Mexico.

  • Waahoo! Go Allen! Departure video on the YQ site showed the dogs looking fantastic. Sorry Felix has a belly ache but now the handlers have a fuzzy butt companion to give some love. I wish the Black Team the best for the 2nd half. Go Dogs!

  • Get well Felix, great job keeping up with your fantastic teammates to Dawson.

    Safe travels, and I hope you can all squeeze in a little rest.

  • Yes thanks for updates & Felix get better quickly. Get some rest crew and safe tracks to Pelly. Go safely & quickly Allen and team.

  • Chipper's sponser says:
    Awwe Felix, get well Buddy. Great video and article team. BTW I think that Chipper can learn a lot from running next to Izzy! Rock on pups and have fun Allen! Run like the wind!!

  • Great run so far and that is terrific. Sorry Felix had to miss the rest but he'll be back to run again later. Now it gets exciting and I am rooting for the Black Team all the way!! Thirteen out of fourteen dogs this far into a tuff race is pretty awesome!! Testimony to good care and conditioning. SPK rocks.

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