As I write this Allen and his team are still camped out, a few miles before Two Rivers checkpoint so there shouldn’t be much need to stop at the checkpoint. He is likely to “blow through” stopping only to check in, let the vets check the team and grab a “to go” bag with dog snacks. He will then be on his way to Mile 101 over “Rosebud” – a rather innocuous name for a rather large hill!

Aliy and her team are still moving nicely along the trail. It remains to be seen if she camps or goes through to the checkpoint.

The handler crew (Mark, Chris and I) is about to head up to Mile 101 checkpoint to meet Allen there. Wes and Wendy will follow to meet Aliy. We all then carry on to Central and Circle City checkpoints. It may be a while before you hear from me again but I will do what and when I can. If nothing else, we will have a lot to catch up on!

Please keep an eye on the Yukon Quest Facebook page and website with live tracking to keep abreast of what’s going on.

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  • Always nice to wake up and check the stats to see everyone is moving well!! Allen is at 101 and Aliy is making the accent onto Rosebud….enter day 2 of the race…..who needs Super Bowl when ya got the Yukon Quest to watch!! A shout out to the handlers… travel to you all throughout the race!! I remember a post from the past by Macgellen….the logistics of traveling and handling for the Teams is a feat unto itself! Be safe and post when ya can!

  • Super bowl??? Qu'est-ce que c'est?

    Isn't that a great dish made of nice warm and wet stuff???

    Woof, woof, woof!!!

    Go Red Team!!! Go Black Team!!! Go 2 as well as 4-legged athletes on SP Kennel teams!!! Run, eat, rest, drink, eat, run…


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