Woohoo! Run like the wind! And not like a light zephyr but a strong, storm force wind! We can’t wait to see you at the finish line.

We said goodbye to Allen and his 13 team mates at 3.33am when they trotted off into the night on their final 95-100 mile run into Whitehorse. As expected, it was a little stop-start out of the chute as a few dogs decided they needed to pee, one after the other, but they got on the trail and are moving nicely now.

Earlier this morning Allen got up after a good, long sleep, had eggs for breakfast then went out to tend to his team. The routine for an 8 hour rest is a little different to a regular checkpoint in that he took extra time to walk each dog around for a while and give them a massage to warm up their muscles, giving them a chance to stretch out and empty their bowels and bladders (not all of them took that opportunity and decided the exit chute was the place to do it). After 8 hours the dogs can start to stiffen up a bit, much like we would in the same situation.

He also gave them another big, hearty meal and packed his sled, double checking he had all his mandatory gear and enough snacks and food to sustain them for the long run ahead.

While he was getting the team ready, both Brent and Matt were outside tending to their dogs also. All three men are fiercely competitive yet took the opportunity to wish each other well and share a few jokes. Matt told them he felt like an old man and Allen quipped back, “well, that’s good ‘cos I feel young”. Brent laughed and said “I’m right in between.”

The few of us that were out there with them were treated to an aurora show of white dancing light. Pretty impressive!

Allen was excited to get on the trail and give this team one more run. We figure now is the time for a rallying cry! Aliy recorded this in Dawson and it seems appropriate now so turn up the volume and enjoy!

The handler crew is having one last meal here at Braeburn Lodge before we head to Whitehorse to set up for their arrival this afternoon. Thanks to the wonderful team at the Lodge for being so welcoming and accommodating: cooking eggs at 1am, burgers at breakfast time, keeping the coffee topped up… and all with smiles on their faces. If you are passing through, make sure you stop by.

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  • Haha! the video is so great! Of course Schmoe appeared to be the first one to join Aliy. Mac was not so interested. Unfortunately I do not have off work today, but one of my monitors will have Chrome open and three tabs open for the tracker, this blog and Facebook. I will be watching Allen and those awesome dogs that we all love reach the finish line. From Edmond,OK where we will be in the 60s and 70s this week – not happy about that 🙁

  • Yeah….HOWLLLLLL from the Adirondacks!! Go Allen and the Black Team….go!! Yes, they are moving along nicely!!! I got my SPK Black Beanie on, my SPK "Chemo Dawg" blanket and SPK Pillow here at YQ Adirondack Armchair Headquarters…refresh, refresh, refresh!!

  • So excited for such a great race with this group of dogs. My monitor has been restarted for a fresh look on things. Go dogs go! Tame trails and following winds wished for you today!

  • Taking 13 on the final leg to the finish is fantastic, what a great learning opportunity for the youngsters. I'll be refreshing constantly and cheering for them to have a fun, safe and swift run. I love being an SP Kennel fan and seeing the awesome mushers and dogs from there cross the finish line. Thanks for all the posts SP Kennel crew. Go Dogs!

  • The take off from Braeburn reminds me of a Carmacks video. If Quito can, we can too. 🙂

    I'm so excited to hear all thirteen awesome athletes are continuing on with Allen to the finish line. GO GO GO GO PUPS!!!

    Lights, comedy, action, it's Brent, Allen and Matt. Don't let that old man catch ya Allen, ha.

    Love the video. I'm glad they can all howl while still nestled in their beds. Otherwise, it would be like, come on! we're resting.
    Awesome and exciting update.

  • I listened to Allen's interview upon coming into Braeburn and heard that unfortunately the runny bum issue has returned to some of the dogs. So sad for them. It looks like Allen may be taking it a bit easy because of this. I still have my SPK Black Team beanie and am cheering for the team. I wish them the best in their run to the finish.

    Chipper is such a pretty dog. It was enjoyable just to watch her during the howl fest.

    Best wishes on this last run (no pun intended).��


  • Thank you Allen. I am inspired by your youthful spirit. We are only as old as we feel!!! Keep on mushing!

  • Great race, great team, great musher and great handlers!!! Same goes for the YQ 300!
    Best of luck Allen and precious canines!
    Go for it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Allen and his team mates are looking good. Young team?, shucks, these young'uns are awesome!!! Hang in there pups, we are all very proud of you! Way to go SPK!!! Howllllling back from VA


  • Wow sitting here in Melbourne , Australia on a Monday morning at 7.20 am listening to the live broadcast of the finish of YQ 1000 in Whitehorse . How great is that 1st would have been wonderful but l will howl for third a great effort and with 13 wonderful dogs Go the Black Team your nearly there 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾Denali and Joanne🇦🇺

  • The team is performing like the champions they are. On to Whitehorse. An awesome feat with all 13 dogs to be in the leading group. Go Allen & team. Video is great.

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