The Dawson crew are about to head out on our long drive and you won’t hear from me for at least 24 hours so I will update you of things as they stand now.

After Allen’s nap in Circle he took his time to pack his sled and equipment ready for the long run into Eagle. There are no official checkpoints between Circle and Eagle to send supplies to so they must carry enough dog food, human food and supplies to keep them safe and happy along the way. They left Circle City looking refreshed and rearing to go with Hugh Neff just a few minutes behind them.

Currently the top four of Brent Sass, Hugh Neff, Allen, Matt Hall have left Slaven’s Roadhouse and on their way to the Trout Creek hospitality stop. Ed Hopkins will likely follow them shortly. From Trout Creek they run to Eagle, Matt’s home town. It is an extremely remote community and the town really gets behind the race. I’m sure the mushers will have some fun there during their mandatory four hour stop.

It’s such a long wait until we see them again, and rather excruitiating to watch their journey on the tracker, so it is probably a blessing we will spend the next 20-odd hours in the truck! (Silver linings?) Once we get to Dawson we will make up the dog camp ready for the team’s arrival. Depending on how much time between completion of camp and the team coming in we may get to rest OR it might be straight into our “hands on” portion of the race.

For a bit of really interesting reading in the meantime, check out this Mushers’ Guide to the Yukon Quest Trail by two-time Quest champ John Schandelmeier. It will give you a great idea of the trails they are mushing on.

We also have some special treats for you, by way of videos that were made before the race, that we will post during the next day or so when we have no other news to tell. Here’s one from Clyde – Aliy interviewed him prior to the Quest.

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