Congratulations to our Black Team of Allen, Scout, Willie, Scruggs, Waylon, Schmoe, Mac, Mismo, Izzy, Clyde, Chipper, Kodiak, Dutch, Commando and Felix.

Throwback to the Black Team at the start line last Saturday

It’s been amazing to watch the six Quest rookies (Felix included) come of age in this super competitive 1000 mile race. We’ve made a lot of the fact Allen has a young team but it has been equally thrilling to see the ‘older hands’ continue their great race records with enthusiasm and professionalism.

We are heading down to the finish line at Shipyard Park in Whitehorse soon to welcome our best friends home. We have thawed some salmon and beef snacks and have a kibble meal ready and some cool, plain water; along with plenty of kisses, ear scratches and butt rubs on stand-by.

As I write this we don’t know the final outcome yet but, regardless, congratulations to Hugh, Brent and Matt for making this an exciting and fascinating race to follow to the end. You all have extraordinary dog teams and to have been close-up to see them first-hand has been a pleasure. We’ve also enjoyed the company and banter of all the other handler teams along the way.

I’ll be back as soon as we have seen to the team with some pics and a report from the finish line. Keep watch on the Yukon Quest Facebook Page for pics and stories until then!

Local Whitehorse radio station CKRW will be broadcasting live from the finish – listen here.

In the meantime, enjoy these pics of the handlers. We’re looking forward to a full night sleep also!

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  • I can't wait! I've been refreshing the tracker like a mad woman today! Great job, as always SPK! Can't wait to see them come in and get all the love, treats and kisses they deserve! And great job to all the other teams too. Hugh is running like a madman out there. 🙂

  • My gratitude to the hard working handlers, you deserve some sleep! It surprises me how emotional I am watching Allen and this wonderful team get closer to Whitehorse. This team is FIRST in my mind and heart! SP Kennel Rocks!

  • As wise Mr. Macgellan said days ago "I will be immensely impressed and thrilled for the future if they finish in the top five". That about sums up what we are feeling here as die hard SPK Fans a "mere" 3,621 miles from the Whitehorse YT Finish line….a sense of pride in this special Team even at this distance…..WE LOVE YA Allen and the Black Team!!

  • Ahhh… Moira – and all of you… Hilarious… Pics ARE worth a thousand words…

    Aliy – still think of your slippery slope and Reyn's rescue assist. Grappling hook with generous length of light, strong rope; cramp-ons… Goodness…

    Heck – Allen couldda used those on that hamburger!

    Many huggzzz & high fives (mostly paw) from New Mexico.

  • YES!
    Congratulations to our Black Team of Allen, Scout, Willie, Scruggs, Waylon, Schmoe, Mac, Mismo, Izzy, Clyde, Chipper, Kodiak, Dutch, Commando and Felix.

    Congratulations and thanks to Hugh, Brent and Mat for making this an exciting race, woohooo!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your handler picks. You ALL gave it ALL.

    Hugs and appreciation for the absolute best SPK YK coverage in the world!!!

    They're starting to arrive, woohoo!

  • How do I get a red beanie? LOL. There is no way we can truly appreciate the actual fortutude the handlers posess. Love the updates and love following the Quest. Absolutely can't wait to see these young athletes in the coming years! Love SPK!!!! Kudos to Allen and Aily!!

  • Love the handler pictures. And Moira, I would not have you pictured any other way but sleeping on top of your laptop. Too funny! Congratulations to Hugh. I've been listening to the radio broadcast and its so nice to hear him talk of the camaraderie between he, Allen and Brent. Can't wait for Allen and the Black Team to cross the finish line.

  • Chipper's sponsor,
    Yippee, go doggie's! Almost there!! I am wearing my dog jacket from kennel work. It smells like the dogs. I miss you all! Safe journey home! Terrific run Allen!!
    Thanks handlers, reports great. Glad to see Mark got some shut eye!

  • Well done, Black Team and handlers! I am very proud to feel a small part of such a fabulous effort. In this world of such meanness, it is wonderful to see and hear the true sportsmanship you all demonstrate. You walk that talk with grace and joy!

  • Handlers extraordinaire!! Thanks for leading us on our 2016 Yukon Quest. This is an amazing transition year, demonstrating that SP Kennel is indeed a premier sled dog racing kennel. Congrats to the entire SPK team!!

  • You are all the very BEST. Ever. As soon as I read about kisses and butt scritches, I knew. We won. Thank you so much for the love you lavish on all of us.

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