I have two videos for you!

The first is the team crossing the line and Aliy mushing the team literally right into their tent! (NOTE: the little red spots on the ground in the finish chute is salmon roe from the thawed fish snacks they got at the finish – it looks pretty gruesome!)

The second is the audio Bridgett captured as they crossed the line combined with some fantastic photos from Jen Nelson and Urs Wyss. You can hear Allen’s mandatory gear check by Janice the volunteer checker, his passport check by the officials, then he answers some questions from the press nearby. Listen for when Aliy tells him she’s going to take the team and you’ll hear Mac and Schmoe start screaming to go again!

NOTE: The first minute or so is a little quiet but it gets louder.

Also: Head over to the Yukon Quest Facebook page for more arrival videos!

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  • Thank you for the videos! I really enjoy any videos of the dogs. It makes me want to reach out and give them big hugs.
    Way to go, Allen, on your and the dogs' effort on the YQ.

  • OMG, just when I thought it was time for bed, lol.

    Woooop, wooop, wooop, good job pups.

    They look awesome, so perky, and so happy to see you…a Mac smack for Moira.

    Aliy so cool with the team, Scout haw, straight ahead, right to your bed, lol! ๐Ÿ˜€ Sleep well pups.

    Thank you for the fantastic audio Bridgett, and fantastic pics Jen Nelson and Urs Wyss. These are clearly happy dogs. That says so much halfway through a 1000 mile race!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Allen, "I misunderstood" LMAO Good thing you are so DARM tough Allen! I've run a 5K at high altitude, and I think I understand, "It will take it out of you." But not so many miles, whew!

    You spoil us.

  • The future looks DARN good….look at that Team!! Allen sounded super happy and the dogs looked super happy…..what could be better!! Loved the "Scout Haw" manuevering into the Dog Camp!! Nice steering control on that Team!! Rest up Black Team….more miles to go…but darn…..looking good!!

  • What a happy healthy looking Black SP Kennel team arriving in to Dawson all the great care SP kennel team gives the dogs is worth it ….. Denali ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ liked the look of the Salmon steaks for a snack . ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

  • These videos allow us fans to be right there with you even though many of us are thousands of miles away. The dogs look so happy trotting into Dawson. Indeed the future looks great and ditto on wanting to give all those pups a big hug. I liked hearing Aliy ask for a kiss from one of the dogs, I think Mac. I do the same with my own pups and the shelter dogs I walk each week. Thanks so much for all of this!

  • Phenomenal team. Dogs, mushers, handlers.
    Moira, thanks so much for all your hard, hard work to bring all this to us.
    Here is another video I found. It is actual video of Allen's interview.

    Rest up everyone!

  • "Scout haw!" What precision. Good boy,Scout! That was so cool. Enjoyed replaying it a few times. Wow! I need this and the commercial on a loop. Lol.

    Loved the audio and photos. Very well done. Moira, you are so good to us.

    Such a treat to hear the interview. Thanks Bridgett!!

  • Ditto on all praise for Allen and the stellar support team – Woof, Woof, WOOF!!!

    Ditto on up close, intelligent, literate and so very ontop of things communications team!!!

    And some members I note also star in their own right as musher/website virtuoso/loving daughter…so proud to be rooting for the Black Team here in the YQ1000 or right now, 500 miles to go.

    I think I can speak for Chena as she wishes Chipper and all the big guys and gals on the Black Team pleasant dreams and a wonderful fun second half!!!

  • Thank you so much for these! Wow…the team looked great, Allen didn't look too overly tired. Go team go. Have a great rest all (cept you handlers)

  • Team looks fantastic! Great job Allen! The video is so wonderful
    for us to watch it like we are there in person. Love you greeting
    the dogs Moira! Go-o SPK!!!!

  • Wow these videos are awesome. These videos get me more and more excited to watch you in the Iditarod. I'm going to watch the UP200 this weekend. Have you ever raced in Michigan?

  • My goodness – they looked fantastic! I am with A-town Becky, "I misunderstood …".. Allen can really lighten things up. And thanks to Anne for providing the video link to the interview.

    I was wondering, Moira, is Janice from New Zealand as well?

  • As everyone has said… the dogs look and sound fantastic. Allen cracks me up. His "awe shucks" comments hide a keen mind… even when he is tired. I love hearing his take on things and how he can say a lot without giving anything away.

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