We’ve just arrived into Carmacks checkpoint after leaving Pelly and stopping in to McCabe Creek dog drop.

Black Team leaving Pelly Crossing

Allen and the Black Team left Pelly after about a four hour rest. Allen managed to get a good sleep and some great eggs (thanks Jill) before he quickly and efficiently completed is exit chores: feeding the dogs, packing his sled and bootying/dressing his team mates before hitting the trail to McCabe. Bridgett led the team up to the checkout point to give them a chance to pee and poo after their sleep, then they got on their way, heading down the road for the next few hours.

He led out with Mismo and Kodiak, Waylon and Scout in swing, the sassy girls Chipper and Izzy are still running together, Schmoe and Scruggs, Willie and Dutch, Mac gets to choose which side of the line he runs on as he has no running partner, then Commando and Clyde still in wheel.

Thanks to the Vet crew!; Allen opens the student letters (don’t worry, Bridgett got permission to be that close to the dog team – we normally are not allowed to do so)

We cleaned up the camp spot; by then Allen had put all his reject stuff into used drop bags; then got a bite to eat before making our way to McCabe Creek.

The Kruse Family are so welcoming and it is always a nice stop along the way. The cinnamon buns (right) are legendary! They have pecans and sultanas and all good things, and the coffee is good! Thanks Jari and team, we really appreciate everything you do.

While we were there Mark (our Mark) and Mark Sass (Brent’s Dad) helped whip up a drying rack around the wood stove for any mushers stopping in and wanting their gear dried. It was something to behold: one minute there was nothing, next minute there was a sturdy temporary structure ready and waiting.

We saw Hugh and team go through and watched as Brent fed and bed-down his dogs for a short rest. The Black Team followed about an hour later and Allen didn’t even stop – he gee-hawed them through the driveway and disappeared into the night.

We did manage to catch a glimpse of the team and they did look good. He’d swapped out Mismo for Scout in the lead with Kodiak but it was too dark and too quick to spot any other configuration changes.

Before he left Pelly Allen said this next leg has a bit of everything: hills, river, roads so it will be interesting for the dogs to have different terrain and environments.

Carmack’s checkpoint is actually my old stomping ground. My first experience with the Yukon Quest was as a volunteer at Dawson and Carmacks and I spent nearly a week here back in 2012. It feels familiar and like I have come home to my Quest roots!

Like Pelly, there is a large gymnasium where handlers, fans and supporters can sleep, a lounge area with wi-fi and the mushers will sleep upstairs away from the hustle and bustle of the checkpoint.

Felix Update: he’s doing great! I sat outside with him for a while when we arrived tonight and he just wanted a butt scratch and some kisses.

He is feeling so much better and he’s eating as we would hope. For those interested, and not eating their dinner right now, his bum is no longer runny so that’s great news.

He’s going to start getting sassy soon as he will be fully rested and back to himself!

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  • Thanks Moira your words left us with great visuals! lol.. see you in Carmacks. Run Allen and pups!

  • Great update.
    It looked like Allen stopped just before McCabe. I was hoping it was to snack, or swap positions, not to give a sore pup a ride. Looks like that might be the case, and everyone is still doing well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing the bit of Moira history.

    …And the update on Felix. Looks like he's getting right back into form like his papa, "give me a butt scratch."

    Allen's team always looks so focused when they leave a check point, and so thrilled to arrive at one. They seriously love their job.

    Thanks to Bridgett for getting the team out to take care of business. We know what can happen….
    Excellent teamwork!

    Refresh, refresh, refresh.

  • We are all glued to the tracker….refresh, refresh! The Black Team will be in Carmacks soon enough! SO glad Felix is doing just fine now….bummer the clock ran out in Dawson for the issue to run its course…but better late than never!

  • Thanks so much for the details. it almost feels like we are right there with you. Good news that Felix is bouncing back to his normal self. The handler crew is working so hard! You all are awesome! Go SPK!

  • Well well, things are starting to get down to the nitty gritty!
    Thank you Moira for your great updates! I feel like I'm there myself! I can almost hear the pups howl!


    Felix is such a good guy, so glad to hear he is comin' 'round to 100%!!!

    Thanks ever so much for all these written details pictures don't really reveal at all – makes the trip something this armchair musher can invest herself in!

    Woof, woof!!!

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