The all-important spot tracker; Bib #4!

Allen with his Quest Guest; Mac getting into”the zone”

Excited much? (Check out the Dutchman!)

At the start line

They’re off (Photo: Barbara Swenson)

Howdy! (Photo: Barbara Swenson)

Leaving the starting chute area (Photo: Helen Campbell)

Passing by Pleasant Valley Store on the way to Two Rivers checkpoint (Photo: Jennifer Moore-Smith)

4 Responses

  • Scout cracks me up….Chaos is all around him…Waylon, Mismo and Schmoe are barking….Dutch is jumping for joy….all the dogs seem to be smiling and eager to go….and Scout is so calm….kinda looks like he is saying "really…..1,000 miles….with this bunch….Quito you lucky dog!!" Nice looking Team….they certainly have the enthusiasm, and the smarts with Scout in lead! Go Black Team!!

  • Nessmuk, Quito not up for a long trip with "yahoos"?
    I'm hoping she proves both of us wrong, come Iditarod time. LOL 🙂

    To all those who contributed this photos…Jennifer, Helen, Barbara, Moira….They are absolutely fantastic, thank you for bringing the race to us!

  • Great start photos, thanks so much. Scout is so calm & thibkib what in the world is Dutch carrying on about? Go SPK.

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