As the final act in this year’s Yukon Quest I have put together a “journey” video for the Black team on this year’s race.

Go make a cup of coffee (or tea), put your feet up and, hopefully, enjoy!

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  • I love Mac jumping up and pulling on his harness to go, turning around multiple times to look at Allen as if to say come on Allen, let's go already. Thanks for the video. It made my day.

  • You make it look so easy! Seriously, what a great video depicting a great race, and the entire team looked unbelievably good at the finish.
    Thank you for letting us fans ride along with you.

  • Thanks so much for this wonderful trip!!!

    Congratulations to the Black Team members, 4-legged division as well as two-leg contributors, simply marvelous.


    P.S. It is snowing in CT as I watched this!!! Woof, woof, woof!!!

  • How special this adventure was!!! I love you ALL, the whole thing…SPKennel, volunteers, veterinarians, race officials, towns people, Wilderness… ALL

  • After reading of Allen's water hazard – watching this makes it all the more awesome – spectacular – accomplissement énorme. Great vid – thank you – from New Mexico.

  • We love Allen and the Black Team!! What a great video recap….thank you!! 13 happy healthy dogs at the finish….I'm sure Felix would have been there too if he didn't get the stomach bug! Looking forward to watching this team get better and better….on to the future!!

  • Thank you for making this video and sharing it with us! How wonderful to see these dogs again – barking, tails wagging and then howling after racing for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Congratulations, Allen, for getting such a good looking BIG happy team to the finish. What a journey. The SP Kennel people team must be so proud of your 4-legged friends and the work you have all put into their training and care. Great video.

  • Awesome!
    The dogs all look so energetic, strong, peppy and happy arriving at all the check points, and even at the finish.
    Seriously, whining and howling for more at the finish!
    If ever they had a 1500 mile race, this looks like the team.
    Love the video Thank YOU!!!

  • Thanks for the great video , they looked such a happy team of dogs tails wagging , smiles on their faces . They especially looked happy when they came into Carmacks . It filled the gap until the Iditarod starts go the Red and Black ⚫️🔴. Denali 🐾🐾and Joanne 🇦🇺

  • I loved the group howl at the Finish line. They really became a strong, cohesive team, didn't they?

    A friend of Teresa's, Jeff, who biked the entire trail, said it was harder than the Iditarod – miles and miles of no one, carrying a heavy pack between stops, but the network of people was amazing. He noted that the communications along the trail were good as each stop they knew he was coming, he was well fed, and made to feel welcome at each stop – well, except Dawson because he had not done due diligence regarding getting permission to cross outside of a bonafide border crossing!

  • I found it hard to know if the team was entering or leaving the checkpoint as the dogs looked great either way, pulling hard and ready to go. I never get tired of your pics and videos.Thanks for the great start to the morning. Gearing up for the Iditarod!

  • Thanks so much for the GREAT Video! Good job Allen and all the
    HAPPY SP DOGS! A big THANK YOU to the SP Crew!!

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