It was great to see the team come into Carmacks looking great. The dogs were perky and in good shape, and they are parked here for a few hours rest before the run through to Braeburn.

The dogs ate exceptionally well when they arrived with bags of snacks and kibble with water devoured right away! Allen also ate well with a “Musher’s Sampler Platter”. He couldn’t decide on the Shepherd’s Pie or the Pasta Bake so he had both.

Allen and Hugh were bantering back and forth once Hugh got up from his rest and it was quite comical. Even in their sleep deprived state they can enjoy each other’s company. We saw Brent for a fleeting moment but he was on the move, filling his water thermos and hitting the trail!

Kodiak and Scout lead the team into Carmacks; Allen enjoys the “Mushers’ Sampler Platter”

Allen said it definitely feels like it cooled off a bit which is nice for him and the dogs. The temperature right now in Carmacks is around 3F but the forecast is for another warm day tomorrow.

My photography capabilities are limited at 3am so check out the Yukon Quest Facebook Page for some great pics and video of the Black Team’s arrival.

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  • Go team Go…getting sleep in between stops so I can bring it on home with the Black Team. The anticipation is getting higher and higher. Thanks for these awesome updates…to be a fly on the wall with Allen and Hugh!

  • Thank you so much for your updates and letting us be close and able to "watch"! Scout looks great and what a solid dog Kodiak is. Hope you can cheer Schmoe for me later, when they leave.

  • Happy to see that everybody ate well!!! The musher's plate looks quite hearty!!
    Your photos are great, Moira!!!
    Thanks for the update!

  • My goodness….sounds like both Musher and dogs have a great appetite! One more push to an 8 hour rest and then a sprint to the finish! How exciting!!!

  • Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop!!!

    It is really quite remarkable – how a few special pictures are more telling at critical times, along with your clear words than anything else could be – thanks so much!!!

    And so glad you came to SP Kennel, Moira!!!

    What a Team – GO SP KENNEL!!! GO BLACK TEAM!!! WOOF! WOOF!! WOOF!!!

  • FWIW – minus seven (it warmed up two degrees in an hour or so since I've been up)in Weston CT now this morning at breakfast-time.

    "Feels like" minus twenty-two, the authorities say!!!

  • Thanks so much!! All of the pictures and updates are really appreciated! Allen and the pups look great! Go SPK!

  • Thanks so much for great updates and pictures. Hearty appetites are necessary for a successful YQ. Go Allen & Black team. Good job handlers.

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