Just a reminder that during the Iditarod weekend in Anchorage the entire SP Kennel Crew of dogs and humans will be staying at the Extended Stay Anchorage – Downtown.

Come stay with us and you might get to meet the dogs and the crew! We will let you know the schedule for when we “drop the dogs” (actually: lift them down very carefully) from the truck during Friday, Saturday and Sunday for feeding and walking, so come and visit with us. We would love to see you!

Please email Linda Steiner at: lsteiner@extendedstay.com for bookings, pricing and availability.

We will keep this button in the ‘fan zone’ (left hand side) of the blog that links you to more information and contact details.

We currently have a few surplus tickets for sale for the Start Banquet and Bib Draw on Thursday, March 3rd at 6pm in the Dena’ina Center. If you would like to attend the banquet and sit at an SP Kennel table please email Moira at spkdoglog@gmail.com. Tickets are $82 and this will be on a first come, first served basis. Let me know how many tickets you need.

NOTE: There are no plans for a Meet-and-Greet with Aliy and Allen this year.

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  • The excitement mounts…

    Wishing the Red Team and the youngsters on the Black Team the best of luck, and a woof, woof, woof to all 2-legged team members, too!!!

    Will be watching from afar, best,


  • I SO wish I was going this year! Last year was a blast….I know there are some Dog Loggers out there gearing up for an IditaTrip of a lifetime…I envy you!! Be sure to stay with SPK….the moments I spent giving Boondocks a butt scratch and all the SPK dogs a pat on the head was one of the highlights of my trip! These dogs are so cool!

  • (Staying "with" the crew is still a high point of our trip to Alaska. Seeing how truly *nice* staff and crew from SPK as well as SPK fans are to everyone is a revelation. And to see the dogs in such a personal way is very special. I marvel at Waylon's amazing legs and steady gaze. The musher banquet is also terrific. There is school art on every table from all over the US. Thank you for making this available again this year. We'll be watching the blog and the tracker and coming in 1 week later for Spring break)

  • My bucket list….I just realized there is something else to add….to be there and meet the SP Kennel dogs and Aliy and Allen. What a great time THAT would be! Some day. Stay dreaming, all you SP Kennel fans. The 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds from SP have the love, dedication and determination to finish well in Nome. I hope they know how many of us are watching and cheering from far away.

  • We're disappointed to miss out on the Meet & Greet (this Wasilla mom and five little kids have never missed one with you!) But your inspiration and sincerity are fresh in my memory, we'll be cheering you on, astounding athletes that all of you are!

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