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  • LOVE THIS! Every year I look forward to the tour of the Dawson Dog Camp. Such a cozy set-up and the love and care given to the 4-legged athletes shines through.

  • This is so wonderful! Yes, I too look forward to the pup Dawson camp every year!!! They are warm, fed, pampered and above all loved!!!

  • Sweet, peaceful dogs. Between meals and after a massage must be awesome….by the way they look. Rest up pups and replenish for the next 500 miles. Love the care you all give these dogs and I hope all SPK humans are getting replenished too.

  • Thank you for this. It is a never ending series of lovin' these dogs up, captured from so many perspectives. Sleep tight.

  • Yep we love the tour of the five paw Dawson Dog camp 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 what bliss . Woof Woof from Denali and Jo πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  • The kiddos look pretty contented and that is exactly how you want them to feel, I am sure. After those fierce climbs–and I bet the descents are as bad–they deserve a real good rest. Sleep well, dogs, and then be ready to run like the wind! Allen too .

  • Amazing dog care and sharing with your fans! Thank you for the excellent insights into how you do this!
    All the best to Allen and the team in the balance of the race. We are with you regardless of outcome!

  • it looks good enough for my bed too!
    nice job team and doggies. just wanna kiss each one of you on the head!
    THANKS to Moira and Aliy for sharing whats the haps!

  • Dog Camp looks like lots of fun….massaging and loving on the dogs…look how relaxed they are! 36 hours is a lot of time to recoup! How do you not curl right up with them!!

  • A very cozy camp and the dogs are taking full advantage of their rest time. They look very contented & cozy. Well done crew. And Allen rest up and replenish also.

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