Aliy and the Red Team are in to Two Rivers Lodge at 4.36pm making her run time over the 50 mile leg 4 hours 22 minutes. She said all is okay; she had a major tangle along the way that took some time to untangle. She was on an icy stretch of road at the time to add a complication! But they carried on none the worse for wear.

The race rules have each musher in the two hundred mile race taking 10 hours spread out over the three checkpoints (in half hour increments) so you will see different run/rest strategies emerge throughout the race. Teams that take less rest here may look to be way ahead but they will need to make up that rest later in the race. The time differential, that makes up for the difference in starting times, is served at the Pleasant Valley Store checkpoint.

At this point we are unsure how long Aliy and her team will stay at Two Rivers. We’ll keep you updated

Two Rivers Lodge

We are awaiting Chris and Wes – they will be a wee way off yet as Chris started as the last musher in the 200 and Wes was 3rd last of the 100s.

The TRDMA website has a leaderboard with checkpoint in and out times so you can follow along.

I am working on some videos and photos from the start so watch this space! More updates soon as we get information.

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  • Thanks so much for the update!!!

    Looking forward to pix later tonight – woof, woof, woof!!!

    I think I'll take an official TRDMA race watcher scheduled rest myself, and check back in later!!!

    GO Red Team, Go R&B 200, Go R&B 100!!! WOOF!!!

    Tomorrow upon waking I'll put on full SP Kennel regalia (red and black outfit plus RALLY CAP ready for deployment)!!!

  • I can only imagine what kind of tangle can be had with 12 dogs….glad all got untangled without incident! I shall be keeping an eye on those race stats! I love Race Weekends!

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