Chatanika Lodge car park was alive with dogs and people this morning from about 9am as mushers arrived for pre-race vet checks, mushers meeting and their pre-race routines.

Chatanika Lodge

We got all three teams off on time and looking great. Aliy was keen to get going and excited to see some new trails as well as the familiar trails closer to home.

Aliy chats to Race Manager Sebastian Schnuelle

Red team their way

Chris was very clam and well organised and set off with no fuss.

Chris getting ready

R&B200 Team are on the trail!

Wes was asked if he was nervous and he paraphrased comedian Tracey Morgan when he said “Nervous is when you can’t wait for it to end, excited is when you can’t wait for it to start. I am more at the excited end than the nervous end

Wes has his mandatory gear checked by a race official

And they’re off!

Here is the start video of all three teams.

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