Aliy and the Red Team crossed the line in second place, 14 minutes behind winner Will Rhodes and merely seconds in front of Matt Hall. Congratulations to Dutch, Izzy, Spark, Commando, Lydia, Mac, Sissy, Nomex, Chipper, Iron, Champ and Sandy on a super race! And it’s a 1, 2, 3 for Two Rivers mushers!

Nomex and Lydia were the two dogs that Aliy left behind at Angel Creek. She said they were both very conservative drops and both should recover very quickly with a little rest and some massage. Lydia had a slight wrist issue and Nomex got a little stiff.

The whole team is now at home, have had a lovely kibble and meat dinner and all are peacefully snoozing in their houses.

We expect Chris and the R&B200s home between around 8 or 9pm and can’t wait to see them!! (Edit – changed estimated time of finish for Chris based on other teams’ run times)

We have some great video and photo footage that I will edit tonight and get to you asap. More soon…

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  • Congrats Red Team!!! Wow, what a finish!! Cant wait to see the video footage!! Awesome!!! Red and Black Team on their way….Im going to stay up for their arrival….darn this time zone differance!

  • WoW! Second place by seven seconds, WOW, those youngsters and Aliy gained more than a minute on Matt in the final legs, WOW!!!!
    Clearly some of these pups want to run on a Yukon Quest team!

  • WOOF and so many more for the strong Red Team of youngsters!!!

    Thanks ever so much for the reports and I enjoyed this race along with the multi snow feet storm – I think it is stopping – woof, woof, woof


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