Wes and the “Red & Black 100” youngsters drew bib number 8 (actually 38 but the bibs start at 30 for the 100 miles) and will head out at 1.14pm. He will be running 11 dogs. His team is a combination of the most experienced and the least experienced dogs in the yard! Quito and Olivia will lead out with Chica and Boondocks in swing, Nacho and Biscuit then Ernie, Five, Rodney, Ginger and Scooby.

Can you believe these little ones are ready to race? Biscuit is the most experienced of all!

Chris drew bib number 27 and his “Red & Black 200” team will leave the start chute at 12.52pm. His team will be led out by Lester and Chena, Chemo and Woody in swing, Wedgy and Coal, Hotshot and Daisy, Pepe and Violet with Amber and Cayenne in wheel.

Lester and Chena lead the R&B200 Team

Aliy and the Red Team have bib 8 and will leave at 12.14pm. Dutch and Izzy will lead out followed by Spark and Commando, Lydia and Mac, Sissy and Nomex, Chipper and Iron, Champ and Sandy (configuration may change a little).

Izzy and Dutch lead the Red Team

See the Race Roster page for more details about each athlete.

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  • Awwww, even Biscuit, Chica and Boonie get to take the pups out for a spin, woohoo!
    Violet and Pepe side by side hm??? Good luck Chris. Eat up Violet.
    And as for Aliy's team, they all look like they could slide right on to a YQ300 team, and give everyone a run for their money.
    Have an exciting race.

  • What awesome Teams for us to follow! Chris and his Team will get an education on passing with his bib draw number! Practice makes perfect! Have a great race!!!! And a shout out to our boy Chemo….your an awesome Mentor buddy….show em how its done!

  • Woo Hoo!! Good luck to all three SP teams. It is exciting to see the yearlings take their turn at running and Quito and Olivia are back!! Yay Woody is in the line up too…go get'em buddy!!


  • I can't believe that the "little ones" (the yearlings) are really racing! How time flies! Will be anxious to hear how they do.

    Thanks so much for the team rosters that link to each dog's description and race history. I'm pulling for SP Kennel –as always–on the VA sideline!

  • Go Chris!!!!! You have two of my favorites Lester & Violet–Go SP
    Dogs! Good Luck to all SP Kennel!
    Ditto–Woof Woof!

  • Aliy's and Chris's teams look like a great mix, but I gotta say woohoo to Wes for the chance to run Quito, Olivia and Nacho (has anyone but Aliy or Allen run them in years???). Totally jealous of how much fun Wes will have with the wise elders and super enthusiastic yearlings. Why do I somehow think that 6 of his team is humoring him coming along because there has to be a musher, but they are really thinking, we've got this race thing down and will get these 5 youngster trained up just fine by ourselves. Wishing lots of luck to all 3 of you and most of all HAVE FUN – well okay maybe Aliy for the win too!

  • Chica's running with her pups — that's great!!! Really happy for Biscuit, Quito, Nacho, Chica, and Olivia. What lucky yearlings to be learning from SP's SUPERSTARS. It doesn't get any better than that! Wow! Looking forward to the wrap up on the R&B 100 team. Go get 'em! Good luck to Wes.

  • Great teams. Good luck to all. It is super to see the 5 pups a year ago and now big &strong & racing their first race. Go get them.

  • Oh super wow!! My heart is out on that trail with the Surfivers in their first race. Go Ernie, Five, Ginger, Rodney and Scooby!!! Of course the other two teams too, LOL. Just thrilled to pieces here.

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