Tomorrow SP Kennel has teams entered in both the The Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association Two Rivers 100 and 200 mile races.

We normally don’t get to race this one as it generally clashes with the Iditarod so this year we are excited to race it! We have great trails here in Two Rivers and the committee have worked hard to put this race on.

Wes will be taking a team of yearlings and some (very) experienced adults in the 100 mile race. This will be two approx 50 mile legs with a long rest in between. The race starts at the Chatanika Lodge with a four hour mandatory stop at Two Rivers Lodge then finishing at the Pleasant Valley Store. Wes has been training the team all season to be ready for their first foray into racing so we are excited to see them strut their stuff!

This is also the first race back for Olivia and Quito since they had their puppies earlier in the season so this is a big deal for them also. Wes will intentionally run this race at a slower pace than the leading bunch and will stop often to rest and snack and make it a happy, positive experience for them all.

Ernie, Rodney, Ginger, Scooby (back) about to set off on a training run; Five is excited for his first race

The 200 mile race also starts at Chatanika Lodge with checkpoints at the Two Rivers Lodge, Pleasant Valley Store and Angel Creek Lodge, finishing back at the Store. Chris will take a team of mostly two and three year olds with some experience to back them up. This will be a good run for these dogs as some will be in contention to make Aliy’s Yukon Quest 300 team.

Chris takes a team on their final stretch out (this team is not finalised so may be mixed around a bit)

Aliy will also take a bunch of youngsters, potential Quest 300 dogs and a few possible Quest 1000 dogs that need just a few more miles on them. Most of the Yukon Quest tagged dogs will sit this one out as a “sprint” 100 or 200 mile race is not in their training plan. Allen’s focus will be to continue building up their endurance and strength to switch gears into 1000 mile mode.

Handling for the crew will be Wendy, Padee and Mark.

We are still finalising the make-up of the teams so will let you know race rosters and bib numbers in the morning.

Keep an eye on the TRDMA Facebook page for race updates!

8 Responses

  • How exciting!
    All Five pups in the race, with Wes…
    Quito and Olivia having fun training pups…
    Chris and Aliy both running teams with potential for promotion…
    Wendy, Padee and Mark handling…
    So much excitement!!!

    Have fun SPK, pups and all!

  • Go youngsters. Have fun! I just looks at the TRDMA Facebook page and saw the big draw. Wes is third from last to start in the 100. The yearlings will have a lot of excitement today. Good luck all SPK teams.

  • This will be a fun and new race for us SPK Fans to watch… cool is that!! That Five litter looks ready to GO…hang on tight Wes! Looking forward to the next few days of watching and learning more about this race! Good Trails to all the Teams!

  • Sounds like it's going to be a fun time, a terrific experience for the yearlings and a nice welcome back to the 2 mommas. Best of luck to all 3 teams. What a great roster of mushers for your hometown race – Two Rivers really is where it's at! Go Dogs!

  • What a great experience for all the dogs on the 3 teams. Different focus for each dog. Should lead to very exciting & interesting races. Go SPK..

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