Congratulations to Wes and his team of Quito, Olivia, Chica, Boondocks, Biscuit, Ernie, Five, Rodney, Ginger and Scooby! They crossed the line at 3.38 this morning to finish 4th! The whole team, including Nacho, is happy at home now after a warm meal and are all curled up in their boxes sleeping.

We are so excited and proud of him and the team, and to be honest a little emotional about the yearlings becoming “proper” race dogs. Those of you who have followed SP Kennel for a while will know that these five had a pretty difficult start to life (click here for some background) so to see them grown-up to be fit, healthy racing dogs brings tears to our eyes.

R&B100s at the race start

Their run time from the Lodge to the Store was a quick 5 hours 10 minutes!

The finish line was dark so unfortunately we were unable to get any footage. But, head over the the TRDAM Facebook page where Julien Schroder has posted some fantastic pics of all our teams.

We will get Wes to do a dog by dog wrap-up in the next few days so you can hear how everyone fared. But, for right now, everyone is enjoying a good night sleep!

Congrats to neighbors Tom, Judy and Maliko for their fantastic races!

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  • Yes….us SPK Fans are so proud of the Five Litter as well as the veteran dogs who helped them make it to the finish line!! Mr. High Five looks like a powerhouse, and Ginger looks like a sleek racer….they are all very precious and we have a special place in our hearts for this litter especially! Congrats to the Team!! Already looking forward to the wrap up report!

    I noticed Lester is wearing a nifty green hoop looking thing around his neck in all the photos….is that an led collar for night time? Just curious. Lester always looks so proud in the photos….I think he liked sporting this new piece of equipment!

  • Maybe Quito said to Olivia "I'll race you to finish line" and Olivia bolted ahead to get there first!!!

    The pre-race picture seems to show some respectful youngsters awaiting the start!!!

  • Congratulations to Wes and his team of veteran champions and yearlings, wow! The "Five", are all truly survivors and overcomers, material of future champions.

    Amazing shots by Julien Schroder.
    Thank You for the coverage.

  • Congrats to Wes, Quito, Olivia, ant the FIVE pups. Yes it brings tears to my eyes to see the % as powerful racing dogs. What great pictures of the teams. Looking forward to Wes's wrap-up. Yeah SPK. How great for the new momma's to lead the team!

  • This is just awesome. Those Surfivers are soooo special to me and I am so thrilled for them to make this great showing their first time out. Congrats to Wes for managing these pupsters in an outstanding manner with help from the two grande dames of SPK. The future looks to be in good hands–er paws?!
    GO SPK–rooting for Aliy now.

  • Well done Wes , QUINTO ,OLIVA (showing the young ones how it's done ) and "The gorgeous five litter" very proud SPK followers Denali🐾🐾 and Joanne 🇦🇺.

  • Kudos to Wes and the entire SPK team. Quito and Olivia are as gorgeous as ever in lead, guiding a new wave of racers to carry on the tradition they blazed.

  • Congrats to Mama Chica too! So wonderful that she was able to be right there with her wonderful offspring on their first race! Congratulations to all the veterans and the very promising young'uns. And of course to Wes and SPK.

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