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  • oh MY! that was so Hilariously good! Nice job on Moira's Mansion, the porch is my favorite! Way to go SPK Ladies..
    Padee Fairbanks

  • How magnificent – a "micro environment"!!!

    And so much more at a welcoming scale for 4-legged visitors!!!

    It looks brand new and loaded with modern features, too!!!

    Electricity, running downhill water!

    A Clivis Multrum WC too?

    Internet access (we assume yes)?

    Thanks so much for the tour – looks so comfy – best,


  • You are both a stitch, Aliy and Moira. Love the tour. Easy to clean and easy to kick out roommates who don't follow the rules. Anxious to see the front porch in the spring. How about a mini hot tub on the porch…an extra large galvanized bucket could be both a hot tub or a fire pit!! 🙂

  • Moira, you are always so delightful. I love your cozy and ever so warm living arrangement. Do I understand that you might rotate "roommates" in and out? are there qualifications? however would you choose? The dogs must love having all of you so near.

  • A mansion many would be envious to call their own because the best part is the location, so close to the dog yard for cuddles whenever you want them. Thanks for the tour, it was great fun!

  • This was hilarious!!! Elizabeth says it brought back memories of her year living in a "plywood palace" back in the day!!! SO awesome you have "room mates" that come and go! Seriously, looks like you all have a fun time at SPK…running dogs and sharing awesome company! Your in a lil piece of paradice!

  • LOL
    I bet everyone wants a turn as the roomie, in this crash pad.
    We missed the outdoor plumbing?
    Love your Mansion Moira. What more does anyone really need?

  • Thanks for the tour ladies! Great place for dog visitors on sleep
    overs and close to the dog yard—Fun – Fun! What else could you

  • Well I as just going ak about your mansion, Moira. Thanks for such a lovely tour. Aliy you and Moira are a riot. Thanks for such a fun post.

  • Wonderful tour! So excited to see how the "unsponsored" members of the team live. Maybe if you got sponsors you could have your own tea kettles with mugs?

    Thanks for continuing to add to my meager knowledge of what supports and creates winning teams and families.

  • As a New Zealander following SP Kennel it was a real treat to finally 'meet' Moira and hear that special accent! Living the good life there Moira!!

  • Always first class accomodations at SPKennel. Do you have any openings for a "doorman" position? Best wishes from PA!!!

  • "Tiny Houses" have nothing on Moria's Mansion! One of the best attributes of the SP Kennel Family is the wonderful humor that is so much a part of everything. Thank you for the laughter!

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