Happy New Year! For the new year we have a new feature on the DogLog…

Due to popular demand, we have opened up the Dog Fan Club to include the Coffee and Golden Harness litters so you can show your support for the youngest members of our family.

Checkout the Puppy page for more details about each little one.

Sanka and Decaf; QT

Will you choose Sanka because your grandma used to drink Sanka Coffee? Or perhaps you’ll choose Barista because you are one! Are you an All Blacks fan? Do you think Q.T. really is the cutest puppy in the world? There could be 101 reasons to become a fan of any or all of the new generation of SP Kennel athletes! Tell us your reasons and join their fan club!

We’ll also do a specific ‘puppy fans’ draw later in the season.

Click the button below for instructions on how to join:

Click this button below to take you directly to the Dog Fan Page.

8 Responses

  • Lovely puppies all!!!

    SP Kennel lucky to have such a good-lookin' crop of pups to show off as racing season gears up again!!!

    "Woof, woof, woof", which means, "Happy New Year!!!"

    Most sincerely,


  • Just could not decide on just one of the pups! Lol! So I picked Barista for the cutest face and Bruno because for one I love his name and two he just has "the look"!
    Thanks SP Kennel for including the pups!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  • I'm sure you have been told (and already knew), but Perky is missing on the Dog Fan Club page. So hard to choose…..


  • Elizabeth really liked the looks and write up of Perky…..plus being perky after a cup of coffee is right what we are looking for….so Elizabeth opted to throw her support to Perky….you go Perky Pup!!

  • I picked one Coffee pup and now will look at the GH ones. I would take all twelve if I could affodd it. They are just so precious and spell a bright future. Creamer is my sweetie–that adorable sweet little face and I can empathize with shy. She'll be brave too when she grows up.

  • Great Idea!! They are absolutely the cutest! I was wondering if you accept puppy play toys for the puppies and adult dogs. My two Siberian's prance around when they get a new toy even thought they are up in age. They never grow up.

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