You will certainly notice that it is the start of a new era with the dogs on the Black and Red Team rosters. No ‘Mexican’ trio and just one from the eight year old ‘Car Litter’. Instead we have lots of exciting new talent mixed with defending and previous champ experience.

Allen will lead out tomorrow with Junior and Chipper; in swing is Mismo and Tinder followed by Nelson and Kodiak, Schmoe and Scooter, Outlaw and Commando with Clyde and Felix in wheel.

Junior and Chipper

Chipper is a Copper Basin 300 rookie and just five of the team are returning from last year’s champion team: Kodiak, Schmoe, Scooter, Nelson and Felix so it is certainly a very new look!

Aliy’s Red Team has Waylon and Dutch in lead, Scout and Lydia in swing followed by Willie and his sister Boonie, Chemo and Spark, Scruggs and Nomex, Driver and Sandy.

Waylon and Dutch (these two pics side-by-side make Dutch look like a giant! He’s not really, it’s all in the angles)

Spark is a CB300 rookie and Willie, Scout, Boondocks and Chemo are either current or previous CB300 champs.

There are some great dogs still at home where Wendy and Padee are caring for them. We are in the enviable position that if someone wasn’t absolutely 100% fit they weren’t picked, keeping in mind we are still early in the season. We understand the sponsors and fans of the dogs who didn’t make the teams will be disappointed but, of course, there are still a number races to come so there are more opportunities!

Check out the Race Roster page for more information about each dog.

NOTE: the lead dogs may change depending on bib draw so we’ll let you know closer to race start if there are any changes.

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  • These sound like 2 awesome teams! Can't wait to see little Chipper in lead! Will Allen even be able to see her over Mismo? 🙂

  • Fantastic line-ups!!! What fun – will be following along all weekend and into the night back here in CT!!!

    Woof, woof, woof!!!

    Go Red Team, Go Black Team!!!


  • Great looking Teams!! It is strange not seeing some old favorites in the mix but like Melissa rightly stated it's a new era! Can't wait to see what these young pups can do!! And I gotta give a shout out to our boy Chemo….love ya buddy….teach Spark all ya know about eating, resting and running hard up the hills!

  • Exciting line ups!!!
    Wishing you all the best with your awesome teams.

    Go SPK, woohoo!

    Chipper's Padee, of Santa Rosa, Fairbanks, Two Rivers, SP Kennel???
    Awesome. I trust you're taking great care of the priceless crew left behind.

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