A very quick update from Meiers Lake Roadhouse.

Aliy and the Red Team were 2nd into Meiers Lake at 10:48 with a runtime of 6 hours, 52 minutes. Allen and the Black Team arrived at 11.12pm with a runtime of 6 hours, 35 minutes.

The checkpoint routine for both teams will be to give the dogs several tasty meat snacks, put straw down for a warm, comfy sleep then remove all the booties. The dogs will also get a jacket or blanket to be extra toasty so they can stretch out their muscles and relax. Aliy and Allen will then prepare a large kibble meal for the dogs then get some thoroughly well earned rest themselves.

Once a few more teams are in Magellan will do a checkpoint and runtime analysis so you can compare the top 10-15 teams so far. There is still a LONG way to go in this race!

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