Both teams have just pulled into the last checkpoint at Mendeltna Creek Lodge for their final rest before heading for the finish line in Glennallen. We are excited! But first they must rest…

Here, all teams must see out their remaining rest to finish with a total of 18 hours + time differential.

We’ve seen a number of different rest strategies throughout the race, and as a result leading pack have varying remaining rest requirements from three hours to six hours so it is still anyone’s race.

Allen and the Black Team pulled in at 11.22pm and have a runtime over the 74-ish miles of 7 hours, 54 minutes. The Red Team with Aliy pulled in behind them at 11.31pm with THE EXACT SAME RUN TIME of 7 hours, 54 minutes. We are excited and delighted at how well both teams are tracking at this point especially considering some the relative inexperience on both teams.

During their rest breaks both Allen and Aliy will be ensuring the teams get as much rest as possible and get well hydrated and fed ready for the sprint home. They’ll be massaging muscles and giving their canine team mates lots of loving! Both mushers will be shedding any extra gear in their sleds to travel as lightly as possible. They will carry only the mandatory gear, some canine and human snacks and contingency gear in case of breakdown or other issues.

NOTE: Mandatory items for this race include a cold weather sleeping bag, a 22 inch hand axe, a pair of snowshoes, a three gallon cooker and cooking gear, adequate food for dogs and mushers and at least eight booties for each dog. Mandatory items are checked when teams arrive at a checkpoint and also when they cross the finish line.

Once teams leave this checkpoint it is the only time in the race when the GPS tells the actual story of who is leading. At that point we’ll be calling on you to holler as hard as you can so get ready!

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  • Woof!!! Go Red Team, Go Black Team – woof, woof, woof!!! Almost time for rally caps, reversed ball caps and wild cheering…Woof,


  • Wow… exciting! I'm not going to get a whole lot done at work today! I'm glad my Boss is understanding of my obsession! I'm very impressed with how Ryne has run this race as well…that Team had to do the most passing early on! It's going to be a nail biter to the finish! We are pulling hard for SPK here in the Adirondacks!

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