In just one short sleep’s time the CB300 will be underway, starting at the Gakona Lodge and Trading Post, at 11am Alaska time.

Aliy and her Red Team will start in 9th position at 11.16am, Allen and his Black Team will leave wearing bib #25 at 11.48am.

Both Aliy and Allen prefer low bib numbers in this race as there can sometimes be somewhat of a traffic jam at the start and a low bib number gives you an advantage over other mushers. Allen and his team may need to negotiate a few passing manoeuvres in the first leg. Junior and Chipper’s youthful enthusiasm should help with this! You go girls!

Earlier in the day our teams arrived safely in Glennallen and after dropping off all the checkpoint bags with the volunteers, headed to the race HQ for administration and veterinary checks. Every dog competing this weekend must pass a vet examination to ensure they are fit and healthy enough to run.

Later in the evening all mushers and handlers attended the pre-race meeting at the Glennallen High School. They got a trail update from trail boss Jamey Kemp. He and his team have done a great job getting the trail in and marked considering the recent warm and snowy conditions; all done on a volunteer basis in their own time. Thanks team!

You may have seen already, but earlier in the week the race route changed with the start line now in Gakona, just after the “Tok Cutoff” road. Sections of the first 20 (or so) miles of trail became unsafe for dog teams after recent rainy conditions. The river crossings in this section over the Gulkana and Gakona Rivers were impassable by dog team so the decision was made to move the start. The “missing” 20 miles won’t be added to the route.

Local radio station KCAM will be covering the start and finish live with race updates throughout the race. And remember to keep an eye on the Copper Basin Facebook page and website for updates and their GPS Trackers.

The whole CB300 is run by volunteers who give up their time and expertise for the love of the race. We wish to thank every single volunteer who has helped put on this race – we appreciate you all!

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  • OK! Here we go! I will be giving all the pups at the kennel all the race updates. We will probably have a good Hoowlll to send them off and wish them luck. Go Allen and Aliy run like the wind!
    Padee Chipper sponsor
    Fairbanks Alaska

  • Nice starting positions….here's hoping for a smooth SPK pass on the trail…if I recall that's always a challenge!! Go get em SPK Red and Black!!

  • Best wishes to all those awesome dogs of your teams, good luck to Aliy and Allen and lots of carefully pointed sunbeams to your hearts for safe trails and successful fun! Mush on !

  • Chena's sponsor wishes all 4 legged and 2 legged mushers only the best of conditions and the very best of luck (that is important, too) in, as those above have mentioned, negotiating the trail and other obstacles.


    Woof, woof, woof, who's the best?
    Woof, woof, woof, cuter than the rest?
    The Black?
    The Red?
    Barkin' up a storm from east to west –
    Big ear, short tails up to the test!!!

    P.S. "Poet" wearing Red and Black through Monday's finish…

  • So excited to see the young ones show their stuff! Run, doggies, run! I know you will make your team proud!! Beemer and Viper are rooting for you! Howwwllll 🙂

  • I'll be glued to the computer and cheering for both teams. Let's bring home another win for Allen, but most of all I hope everyone has fun. Also a BIG thanks to the volunteers from a fan who loves to follow her favorite mushers at the races. Go dogs! Go Allen! Go Aliy!

  • Great starting positions. Go SPK . Such great dogs on both teams. All the best from Tinder's sponsor

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