With the top teams all in the last checkpoint at Mendeltna, we finally know exactly where they stand:

Matt will leave the checkpoint in just a few minutes, then Allen and Aliy will follow him 29 and 38 minutes later. Their dogs have had an extra hour of rest at the checkpoint, and that may help their improve their speed over the final 50+ miles to the finish line. It’s been a very close race all along, and it should be a nail-biter to the last minute!

Our good friend Ryne will leave the checkpoint in between Allen and Aliy, with an hour’s more rest on her dogs in the checkpoint. She is in excellent position to sprint to victory as well. Nic has saved the most rest time in the final checkpoint (6 hours) and we will have to see how that strategy works out for him. His run time into Mendeltna was about 30-minutes slower than the other four teams, so his dogs will really have to rebound after their longer rest to make up the difference.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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  • Again, wow…..it all comes down to this last sprint! From what I have read its like 59 miles to the finish! The next 5 to 6 hours will be exciting!!! SPK All The Way!!!!

  • woohoo – after a bit of sleep here on the east coast I tuned back in just in time to "watch" Matt's little dot start moving and now I see Allen's is moving too – it's going to be an exciting finish, that's for sure – cheering for Allen, but it looks like no matter what, Two Rivers mushers are really going to represent! Go Dogs! Go Allen! Go Aliy!

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