Our teams are on the final sprint for the finish! Let’s go!

Matt Hall (2) was first out of the checkpoint at 2.53am followed by Allen (25) 29 minutes later at 3.22am, Ryne (40) six minutes behind him with Aliy (9) three minutes later. You call follow on the GPS tracker here!

The leaderboard is showing Allen left with 10 dogs; at this point we are not sure who he left with the handler team and will let you know as soon as we find out. Aliy left with all 12 of her Red Team team mates.

Right now the handler team will be cleaning up the straw and equipment from the parking spots then will head down the road back to Glennallen where they will set up the trucks to welcome the teams home with a warm meal, some thawed fish and meat snacks (for the dogs!) as well as food and water for the mushers. The finish line is at the Old Path’s Church and I have very fond memories of the slow-cookers full of great chilli as well as cookies and brownie…

Chris, Wes and Mark have done an amazing job to keep up with both teams. Having them running so close together can make for some logistical issues when greeting the teams at checkpoints and getting them out again safely. Well done lads!! They will be looking forward to some rest themselves as I doubt any of them have had much sleep over the last three days.

Now is when we need to unleash the full force of our “distance support team”! Yell as loud and long as you can – if we are loud enough they might just hear us! Let us know in the comments where you are yelling from! Can you hear me from New Zealand?


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