WOOHOO! How good was that?!

We’re so proud of Allen and his Black Team of Junior, Chipper, Mismo, Tinder, Nelson, Kodiak, Schmoe, Scooter, Outlaw, Commando, Clyde and Felix finishing in 3rd position. And of Aliy and her Red Team of Waylon, Dutch, Scout, Lydia, Willie, Boonie, Chemo, Spark, Scruggs, Nomex, Driver and Sandy finishing closely behind in 4th place.

With the “changing of the guard” that has happened this season, this is a FANTASTIC result for the kennel and we are delighted with how well the younger and more inexperienced team members fared this weekend. They had a steep learning curve and did so well! It bodes very well for the future (and, indeed, the present) of SP Kennel.

We are also over the moon that our “more mature” athletes Scout, Scruggs, Willie, Waylon and Boonie showed they still have it, and can still keep pace with the youngsters!

Congrats also to Matt Hall and Ryne Olson on very well executed races. Two Rivers was certainly well represented in the results. It truly is home to the best mushing in the world – well, we think so anyway.

Thanks to you all for following along with us – what a ride huh? It really makes it special when we know so many of you are right there with us even though we are scattered all around the globe! We appreciate your support.

More details and a wrap-ups to follow but now everyone – dogs, mushers and handlers will be getting some hard earned rest.

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  • Yahoo HOWLLLLL! Big Dogs you are growing up so FAST!
    Cant wait to give you all pats and hugs at Home. we are having a BIG Howl for you all now!

  • Congrats to Allen, Aliy and their canine teammates. Fantastic job!!
    Thanks to the handlers and others involved in keeping us informed. Two Rivers races coming up.

  • Well done πŸ‘πŸ» the Red and the Black teams 🐾🐾 woof woof to the four legged members from Denali 🐾🐾 and with Ryne coming in second what a great race , we can't wait for the rest of the season !!! Denali and Joanne πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  • So close…I kept hoping someone would stop to give their dogs a snack or something and let our gang pass. Great job by the youngsters and seasoned vets! Good Dawgs! Congrats

  • See my post on the previous topic asking for shout outs – I did an analysis of where congrats and cheers were coming from – twenty (20)states, three (3)foreign countries and that doesn't include "O Canada" number 4 country.

    I broke it down by number of posts by state, fwiw.

    GREAT SHOWING BY GRRRRREEAT RED TEAM – AWESOME ADVENTURE AND AMAZING RESULT, BLACK TEAM – so proud to be on the TEAM, at least if only in the distance cheering division!!!

    Best, woof, woof, woof!!!

  • I missed the finish, had to go to PT, the first thing I did when I got home was check the results.
    Great job Allen, Aliy and all the dogs.

    Woof Woof. Hoooowl

    All the dogs at the kennel will be waiting for the update on your run.

    I really enjoyed watching on the tracker, seeing the pictures, videos, (FB) and reading the updates from SP Kennels.
    Thanks from Vermont.

  • That was a lot of fun!! Can't wait to hear the wrap up and see some pictures of the finishes! Congrats SPK….yes, this is a great step into the next generation of SPK athletes!

  • close third & fourth place finishes mean SP Kennel hasn't missed a beat with the changing of the guard! while I miss the old stand-bys, it shows how carefully planned breeding & training work!!

    congrats to all who provided another great armchair mushing experience!!

  • Saw an interview with Allen and Aliy, it was hard to hear everything. Allen had a few adventures with trees and one dog saw a road and decided he wanted to take it and be done, so he ended up riding in the sled to the finish. I didn't catch who it was.

    I am just amazed at how they do these races. Mushers must be well trained in the art of power naps.

    Great job everyone involved from the dogs, Aliy and Allen, the sleepless support crew, to the crew holding down the fort and making updates.

  • Congratulations to both. It is especially significant that Allen brought in a third place finish with two "senior" members dropped and several two year olds. The future of SPK looks very bright. Way to go Lydia and Dutch and other leaders on the Red Team. As I watched, I wondered if they could have put on a lot more steam if need be – would love to here more about the race details.

  • And add another SP Kennel support team to the list: we're still here in Nelson, New Zealand. Our hearts remain with Quito and Chica, but Nelson is (obviously) also one of our favourites. What a great result from the 'youngsters'. It just shows how many talented dogs SP Kennel has.

  • Way to go Red & Black Team!!! Very respectful finish! Youngsters
    have really stepped up along with some very talented veterans.
    Again, the whole crew and staff gave us watcher a real show!
    Thanks Much!!

  • I was wondering: when you do the post race follow up, just so we can have perspective, is this the result you were hoping for? Did Allen think he could have won the race? It looked almost neck and neck with Aliy and Allen's teams. Were they evenly matched?

    A loyal fan from California.

  • Job well done to both teams. Fantastic results with such young team Get some much needed rest. Two Rivers winning first 4 places. Awesome.

  • Congratulations on a great race! I bet it was fun for the dogs and the mushers to be so close to each other. It is still hard to believe how close it was the entire race and that no one ever let up. I'm really looking forward to following the next generation of dogs at SP kennel. They look so great. I look forward to following Allen and Aliy more too :-). They are such fantastic competitors and inspirational too. Thank-you to the crew and commentators for supporting the racers so well and giving us fan commentary.


  • You said it!
    Two Rivers is home to amazing Mushing talent!!!
    Congratulations to Ryne and Matt.

    Congratulations to Aliy and Allen!
    We are SOOOOO proud of you,
    and so excited to see the youngsters are knocking your socks off with their talent. Two teams in the top five again, just amazing.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Congratulations to mushers, handlers, SPkennel Crew and of course the awesome canine athletes. You all are great representatives of this sport and a great example to those new to it. Rest well now and I can't wait to see a wrap-up.

  • Congratulations to everyone at SPKennel! What a great race. While we all like to win, SPKennel has always been "about the dogs." The next generation is certainly stepping up to the task. And an extra snack to the veterans who are teachers. Looking forward to the upcoming races!

  • Awesome performances by both teams and with the new names and faces moving into key positions, it sure looks good for the future. Very proud of and happy for this fine showing. SPK definitely rocks.

  • hey at school we picked mushers and I got you and I'm excited to learn and write about you. what's the best way to contact you Aliy. I would love to personally talk to you and see how the experience is.
    *Thank you and I hope you see this*

  • Congratulations! This was an awesome race to follow and the dogs, Aliy and Allen did a great job! Also thanks to the handlers and SPK crew for their great support! Looking forward to many awesome races to follow!

  • Was In a workshop all weekend long and just catching up on the outcome, congrats and will be reading further to find out all of what happened.

  • I think the 2 legged team is preparing for running the Two Rivers 100/200 in a bit more than a week, with three teams poised to run, they have a lot to do with;
    -drop bags,
    -plus caring for 4 legged racers' recovery,
    -prepping for race to make the most of it as a learning experience for those who need practice passing, for example;
    -and some young dogs are (no pun intended) champing at the bit and ready to howlllll…so:

    When the Red Team posts its dog-by-dog review of CB300 they might just say "WOOF, WOOF, WOOF" – translation: We're ready to rumble and who was it that picked such a great bib number?

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