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  • Awesome article!! Yes, Allen in his quiet way is certainly stringing along some impressive wins!! And with the young canine talent coming up through the ranks I predict the winning trend isn't going to end anytime soon! Way to go SPK!!

  • Thanks so much for this news and very lovely article – the first thing I read this morning!!!

    Go Black Team, Go Red Team – got my rally cap ready!!!

    A class operation is SP Kennel – a training ground in life for those who have 4 legs and a training ground with benefits for those youngsters with 2 legs!


    And speaking for Chena, she of the big ears and long legs, and her training ("woof, woof!") I think she associates EATING with hard exercise whether on the trail, wrestling with her brothers or just doing a turn on the treadmill, perhaps???

  • Great article about Allen and the dogs of SPK. Quito too is contributing to the dynasty. All good wishes to SPK. We're rooting for you all this weekend.

  • Ditto to Val.
    Allen, we know you are all that and a bag of chips, we love you.
    You are super smart too!!!

    Enjoy your Copper Basin Race, Kick some……

  • Stealth, deliberate planning and training is what I have figured this dynamic duo has been up to! Have a great race, very nice respectable article!!

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