We’ve updated the puppy page with team cards for the 12 little’uns and thought we would share them here for you first. You can access the page any time by clicking on the “Puppies” button on the left.

Sincere thanks to all the puppy sponsors! This season we welcome some new members to the SP Kennel Dog Sponsor Family. We appreciate you all and hope you enjoy following the progress of your little ones.

Zesty” is now at her new home with Joar and Mille at their kennel in Willow. We won’t lie, it was a very tough decision for Aliy and Allen, and it was very hard to see her go but we wish them all the best and can’t wait to see her again out on the trails of the Iditarod! Bye-bye sweet girl. Go well.

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  • It must have been hard to make a decision…they are all so adorable! We wish Zesty the very best with his new Family! The new Puppy Page looks AWESOME!! I think my "favorites" are Bean and Jefe!!

  • Fabulous Puppy pics!!!
    Congratulations Joar. We will be keeping an eye on you.
    Good luck, but don't beat Aliy!

    I can imagine the conversations between Allen and Joar during Iditarod in a couple years.

    And from now on, whenever Allen says Zesty,
    get Zesty
    be Zesty
    Zesty food
    Zesty personality…
    we're gonna know exactly who he's talking about…
    Joar's Quito Kosak pup!

  • Everyone looks so good, such happy dogs, all of them. Thank you for these pix. I don't know how Joar picked either but I am kind of glad that little QT stayed. I know we will be watching all of them lovingly over the next few years.

  • Thank you all for the great pics! I don't know how Joar picked either but here's hoping we see happy and healthy teams in the future – maybe led by Zesty in one and Dancer in another? Maybe crossing finish lines one right behind the other after successful races by two competing kennels? Who knows. All I know is the love you show for your dogs – Aliy and Allen – that's everything for me. Thank you for sharing.

  • Just a general question for the Dog Log community — how do mother dogs react when their puppies are given away? Are they no longer interested or concerned once the pups are weaned? Just wondering how Quito's taking having a pup missing.

  • They are all just so beautiful it makes me cry! I can guess how hard it was to let one go but a deal is a deal, huh? I gotta look again and decide which ones to become a fan of. Wish I could afford the whole bunch! Dancer and Barista kinda call me…but not sure yet.

  • I am sure Quito is taking all of this well – she is so smart, she probably figured it all out when she went to meet Kosak at his home in Willow…

  • Patricia Lewis,
    From what I have seen, dogs are excellent at focusing on the present. Once the puppy is gone, for what ever reason, the mother dog focuses on the remaining puppies who need her.
    It's a skill us humans have a little more trouble with.

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