While Jeanne was at the kennel in October taking Race Dog Portraits, Quito’s pups were only 10 days old. Some eyes weren’t even open yet! So, we decided it was easier to take a group shot. Aren’t they adorable?

The pups have grown up and are now healthy and happy 8 week old today.
Here they are:


Bruno is the small boy with a big attitude and lots of energy. On the puppy walks he will be the first one to stand directly under your legs.

He is also a loud mouth.

With his short coat and if his ears stand up, he’ll look a lot like his Daddy.

Aliy has always wanted to name a pup Bruno. It’s a great name for a spunky little guy. So here he is.

Good boy, BRUNO!


Dancer has been the first to do everything and will tackle her siblings to get ahead.

She is downright sassy.

Dancer was born a lot darker than her siblings and had a prominent white belly. She squirmed a lot when she was young, always nudging and dancing her way to the best nursing spot.

She has a thick husky coat.

Dancer is named after our beloved ChaCha.


Jefe is a climber. He climbs fences, houses and people. Wendy has toenails scratches on her neck to prove it.

He is a traditional looking husky – especially if his ears stand up.

Jefe (the “boss” in Spanish) was named after one of SP Kennel’s great leaders, Hoss. The naming went something like this… “Hoss was the boss. Boss.. hummm I think that’s jefe in Spanish.”

A Spanish name seems appropriate for one of Quito’s babies.


McCaw is a big, strong boy, yet sincerely sweet.

He has become more and more active as he gets used to his long legs and body.

McCaw has one of the neatest colorations of any pup at SP. We don’t know where that spotted cream-colored variation comes from.

Moira named McCaw after the most talented and successful Rugby player in the world. (Who also happens to be from New Zealand.) Go McCaw!


P.C. is petite, independent and feisty. She doesn’t think she’s small.

Her coloration has changed over the weeks from cream-colored to almost silver. Her mask has become more and more defined. She’s a beauty!

P.C. stands for Probably Chevie. She is named after Aliy’s grandmother, Chevie McDonald, but since we won’t decide who will go to Joar until the last minute we couldn’t let him have a pup named after Grandma! Therefore she has been referred to as P.C.


Q.T. is a little shy. So much so, that she didn’t want to ‘smile for the camera‘.

Her brown markings are very similar to those of her Father’s.

Q.T. is a racy girl with a slighter build and a ‘come and get me’ attitude.

Q.T. is short for ‘the cutest puppy in the world’ which of course… she is!
Plus, how many dogs do you know whose name starts with a “Q”? We can think of one in particular.


Zesty is zesty! She doesn’t back down from much. If there’s something to chew on — shoe lace, hair tie, brother — she’ll have it in her mouth.

She is a bit more stocky than most of her siblings. But, she’s still fast!

Zesty was named ‘Socks’ for quite some time because of her two white socks. Zesty seems to fit her personality a bit more. Plus, the word zesty just seems to roll out of Allen’s mouth.

All puppies will have sponsors and we will announce them shortly.

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  • Adorable all!!!

    So happy "Dancer" has been officially named for ChaCha.

    And wonderful names for the rest of the "Golden Harness Litter" – best,


  • Cute, Fabulous–Lots of energy! What a wonderful batch of pups!
    But with the Quito and Kosak-Excellent Choice SPK.
    Future is Bright!

  • All absolutely adorable, and with fantastic names.
    I bet Joar is getting excited about his pick.
    Which one will it be???


  • Beautiful Puppies! I had to take a look back at Kosak in your October post and then at Quito too. It will be fun to see who they look like as they grow. And where in the gene pool did that pretty cream color come from? As always, thanks for the details.

  • OMG….adorable!! Love the names and the background to the names…always great insight makes it easier for us fans to remember the names with a story. What a gorgeous litter….you all did good!!

  • I can just say "Awesome" and mean it totally. What an adorable and gorgeous bunch of pups! It is hard to pick a favorite but I think I have her. I'll become a fan shortly since sponsorships are taken DTBL!! I am so thrilled to see these special babies doing so well. More future winners and champs. SPK has a bright future!!

  • It is so hard too decide which puppy is the most adorable from this litter. And what great names they have been given. It will be so much fun to follow these cute pups. Thanks for the photos and the backstory of each of their names.

  • Thank you so very much for sharing the photos of these two great litters of puppies .

    Dancer seems to have that far away look in her eyes like her mama does .

    Love each and every one of them , beautiful gorgeous pups one and all

  • What beautiful puppies 😍🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾such lovely colours and markings look forward to following their development 🇦🇺Denali & Jo

  • The dogs are adorable! I love the pictures and descriptions you have for each of the dogs, very cute to read. I am very curious to what they are going to look like all grown up as well as to how they are going to do in their future careers.

  • Exciting as a New Zealander (and Iditarod fan)to see a pup named after our very own talented rugby player Richie McCaw. Richie has just retired from rugby – after a long and distinguished career as a great team player and also as a great captain/leader (of men!)for many years. Hopefully your McCaw will also have a long and distinguished career.

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