Chris and his R&B Team drew bib #2 and left the starting chute at 11.02am. Ally and the Red Team wearing Bib #21 left the store at 11.40am so both have been on the trail now for over an hour.

Chris and Chena; Aliy with Commando and Lydia as Spark looks on

As there is no checkpoint to make up the time differential (to put everyone on equal footing due to the differences in starting times), the first team past the post is not necessarily the winner. There will be a time elapsed calculation made at the completion of the race by officials to ascertain the placings. Keep an eye on the TRDMA Facebook page for updates and results.

Here’s a quick video taken by Mark at the first road crossing. You will see that it is well marked and well marshalled. This road crossing is one we use frequently and it is on a long straight piece of road so you have plenty of time to see any vehicles coming. Unfortunately there wasn’t quite enough time to get Aliy and team on the trail and race up the road to catch Chris and the R&B team crossing.

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