Last season the Yukon Quest participated in a film production with Red Letter Films of British Columbia, Canada. They are producing a documentary series about the Quest, the Mushers and the Volunteers for the French – Canadian Documentary Channel called Canal D. This is a short clip.

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  • Fantastic!!!

    Thanks so much this clip!!!

    Wishing Allen well in the YQ2016 coming in February.


    P.S. I wasn't following sled dog racing in 2000, but congratulations to Aliy for winning the YQ2000 (the only woman ever to have done so to this day).

  • Great interview, Allen. I know you have a strong competitive spirit, but in talking with you, that is not what comes across. You are always so genuine and direct. I think this interview captured that.

  • Very nice interview. I especially enjoyed that Allen got into dogsled racing through his daughters. Living in a state next to Arkansas I can relate to the dislike of the heat. Moving to Fairbanks is quite the extreme in temperatures, however. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice video clip!! Glad to hear the YQ is getting some coverage with its own documentary……the more I read about this race the more I love it!! Great interview Allen….I never tire of hearing how you got into mushing! So glad you found your passion in Sled Dog Racing!!

  • Love the clip! December 23 and Arkansas was in the 60s today. 🙂 Hope the toe is better and you can get back out on the trail.

  • XLNT. I hope these films will be commercially available in time, maybe thru the YQ organization? I would surely buy them!! Also wishing good luck to Allen and the Black Team this coming February and Aliy and the Reds in the YQ300. Good insihgts here!

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